You’ll Never Get Shit Done

""The people that always want to start tomorrow, they never get shit done. Start today." - John Welbourn, CrossFit Football Trainer Course" Welcome to 2014. I've unplugged the last month and it's felt great. I like to do that every so often - take a long break from all social media and not really try … Continue reading You’ll Never Get Shit Done


Deadlifts Are A Girls Bestfriend!

Written Wednesday, October 9th: It's deadlift day. That means I'm slightly angrier than usually. I don't know anything today but how I'm going to pick up that bar. I love it. The anxiety at first "How is the bar going to feel today? Did I eat enough? Am I too sore from stairs? Am I … Continue reading Deadlifts Are A Girls Bestfriend!

Dig Deep

I have a lot left to do. But I’m getting stronger. I’m getting leaner. I’m getting faster. I’m getting better. I've got my head down and I’m ready to go.