Your first powerlifting meet + check list!

Are you a real powerlifter? Can you do this? I had to ask my self that pretty recently. But as in a "serious, no-really, are you?" way. After I asked myself that, a seriesĀ of relevant questions flooded me. "Are you ready for this?" "Can you step up?" "Are you competitive enough?" "People are stronger than … Continue reading Your first powerlifting meet + check list!



My gym recently got prowlers and I've been really loving them. For those who don't know, I don't go to a power lifting gym or a special awesome gym that costs meĀ $150 per month. I gotta keep shit real. So I go to Best Fitness, which is more or less a "globo" gym. They aren't … Continue reading Prowl’n

Week 1 / 365 Strength

This week starts the new strength program, and yeah it started on Heavy Deadlifts. My schedule for each week is as follows.. Sunday - Deadlifts Monday - Trail Run Tuesday - Off Wednesday - Weaknesses/Assistance Work Thursday- Sprints/Outdoor Work Friday - Squats Saturday - Benching + Cardio We spent Labor Day weekend in NH shooting … Continue reading Week 1 / 365 Strength