Eye Candy

It's that I keep fucking typing shit, then getting distracted, then changing my mind, then not posting. But I'm working on a good post for tomorrow - don't get your hopes it though, it's probably just rambling. Heres some eye candy for the ladies so I can stop getting harassed for a day:    


Two-A-Days & Annoying Girls

Alright, now that I got a new routine down, I have a better idea of how to outline my week again. On Sunday I was lost, since I was suppose to just sit down and re-write my schedule. Of course, I found better ways to spend my time: football game, movie, laundry…so it didn’t get … Continue reading Two-A-Days & Annoying Girls

Total Training Update / Random Shit

This week has been very busy, so I know I've been slacking on updating but NOT on training! So let the recap begin: ------------------------------------ Saturday – Jan 5th I planned on a hike, but since it was a short week (workout wise) I decided to get back to lifting and do some interval training. 20 … Continue reading Total Training Update / Random Shit

Thursday 9/13 – Friday 9/14 ReCap

I always like to challenge myself. Even when I whine, cry, get angry, etc, no matter the emotion, I like to challenge myself mentally and physically. And really, even though I've done a lot of training, I'm just a beginner. But now I'm crazy and I consider myself a Spartan. S0, I have to do … Continue reading Thursday 9/13 – Friday 9/14 ReCap