This Is Why I Rock

Yesterday I did 170# Squat for 5 reps was kick ass. Throwing up 45# DBs on my shoulders for some presses, also felt amazing. The 135# SLDLs felt pretty cool. My IT Band feeling tight and sore like I got kicked in the knee by a horse? Nope, not kick ass, NOT amazing and really … Continue reading This Is Why I Rock


Self-Inflicted Torture

This weekend was an odd one of all sorts. Friday night Corey and I were absolutely exhausted. I was so tired driving home that my eyes were stinging the whole ride. I picked us up dinner, ate, and we fell asleep around 8:30pm. Yep, how exciting. Saturday, Corey had school pretty much the whole day. … Continue reading Self-Inflicted Torture

Total Training Update / Random Shit

This week has been very busy, so I know I've been slacking on updating but NOT on training! So let the recap begin: ------------------------------------ Saturday – Jan 5th I planned on a hike, but since it was a short week (workout wise) I decided to get back to lifting and do some interval training. 20 … Continue reading Total Training Update / Random Shit

Jack, Trail Run & A First Birthday

This weekend over all, was basically me going non-stop. I didn't get much sleep, but it was a lot of fun. Friday: Work was a shit show in terms of nearing deadlines and nothing getting finalized. Luckily we worked our butts off the get stuff approved for Monday. By the end of the day, I … Continue reading Jack, Trail Run & A First Birthday