Looking Ahead To 29

"The night knows nothing of the chants of night. It is what it is as I am what I am: And in perceiving this I best perceive myself" Okay - I start off with that line from "Re-Instatement Of Romance" by Wallace Stevens because it speaks to one of most prized trophies that I've acquired so … Continue reading Looking Ahead To 29


Life: It’s not on Facebook

Ever since I've moved back in with my mother and brother, I've noticed I've been much happier. I don't have nightmares anymore about zombies, the apocalypse, or the end of the world. In fact, I don't remember my dreams much. To some that might seem bad, but to me, its a breath of fresh air. … Continue reading Life: It’s not on Facebook

You Don’t Want Problems With Me

First: If you like to hit the weights heavy, and need some new music: BEAST, BITCHES! BUY IT! Second: The blog image is dedicated to Caitlyn Trout, a female powerlifter. If you don't know who she is, you're lame. Also, the image is not my own - so check out her and her team! Third: Life … Continue reading You Don’t Want Problems With Me