Life: It’s not on Facebook

Ever since I've moved back in with my mother and brother, I've noticed I've been much happier. I don't have nightmares anymore about zombies, the apocalypse, or the end of the world. In fact, I don't remember my dreams much. To some that might seem bad, but to me, its a breath of fresh air. … Continue reading Life: It’s not on Facebook


Stop Ordering, Start Shopping

Don't lie to yourself, you love shiny new things. We all do. I love shiny new gear, workout equipment and anything Rogue. I love my whey protein, my quest bars, my cookie butter, my grass fed cheese, butter and the high quality meats I buy. I even love my vitamin D, my fish oils and … Continue reading Stop Ordering, Start Shopping

You Don’t Want Problems With Me

First:┬áIf you like to hit the weights heavy, and need some new music: BEAST, BITCHES! BUY IT! Second: The blog image is dedicated to Caitlyn Trout, a female powerlifter. If you don't know who she is, you're lame. Also, the image is not my own - so check out her and her team! Third: Life … Continue reading You Don’t Want Problems With Me

Deadlifts Are A Girls Bestfriend!

Written Wednesday, October 9th: It's deadlift day. That means I'm slightly angrier than usually. I don't know anything today but how I'm going to pick up that bar. I love it. The anxiety at first "How is the bar going to feel today? Did I eat enough? Am I too sore from stairs? Am I … Continue reading Deadlifts Are A Girls Bestfriend!