Deadlifts Are A Girls Bestfriend!

Written Wednesday, October 9th: It's deadlift day. That means I'm slightly angrier than usually. I don't know anything today but how I'm going to pick up that bar. I love it. The anxiety at first "How is the bar going to feel today? Did I eat enough? Am I too sore from stairs? Am I … Continue reading Deadlifts Are A Girls Bestfriend!


This Is Why I Rock

Yesterday I did 170# Squat for 5 reps was kick ass. Throwing up 45# DBs on my shoulders for some presses, also felt amazing. The 135# SLDLs felt pretty cool. My IT Band feeling tight and sore like I got kicked in the knee by a horse? Nope, not kick ass, NOT amazing and really … Continue reading This Is Why I Rock

I’ll Claw My Way Out Of Any Situation

Life has been so busy lately, but I’m glad I get to gather my thoughts in one place now. Since the last time I posted, we've had a blizzard, a moving fiasco, tons of training, prep, a cold, and a heavy work load. Training wise, I've never been in a better place. All I need now is for the … Continue reading I’ll Claw My Way Out Of Any Situation

AM Workout

Alright so this week has been very strange..for a few reasons. Monday night my guy and I got into an argument about our living situation, which made me sulk in bed and whine. Last night we had an earthquake of 4.0, which shook the fucking house like a piece of grass for about 6 seconds … Continue reading AM Workout