The title says it all really. I have a desk job. Sure I work FOR a fitness facility, but I do most of my work from a desk. I’ve had to adjust my nutrition around that, since my daily calorie expenditure is fucking zero.

I wanted to journal a huge goal of mine now that my nutrition is dialed in and fixed, as well as my programming. I never STOPPED lifting – but I’ve lacked a lot of focus.

AM: Bike, 20 minutes + foam roll
PM: Squat / Deadlift / Bench
Squat: 230# 2 sets of 9
Bench: 125# 2 sets of 9
Deadlift: 250# 2 sets of 7

Water: 1 gallon
Macros: 1700c/158p/55c/82f
My cals are a little less today, I try to shoot for a high number of fats to keep my hunger down. My carbs are highest on saturdays and sundays.



PM: Upper Body #1
Military Press: 1 set of 10 – 45#, 1 set of 8 – 75#, 1 set of 8 – 85#, 1 set of 6 – 95#
Flat DB Press: 3 sets of 8 – 30#, 35#, 45#
Arnold DB Presses: 3 sets to failure, 25#
Bent Row: 3 sets of 6-8 – 45#, 95# then 115# x 8, 135# x 2 x 6
Close Grip BP – 95# x 8, 105# x 2 sets of 8
Tri Pushdowns: 3 sets of 8 – 35#, 45#, 55#
Alternating Bicep Curl: 2 sets of 15 – 20#

Abs: Cable Crunches x 3 sets to failure 67.5#

Water: 1 gallon
Macros: 1650c/115p/90c/96f

Food wasn’t perfect, protein was on the lower side – but damn I had a great workout. The bent rows and close grip BP were perfect next to each other. The pump was real with this routine. The goal is to keep the weight higher, and the reps to 6-8. Although when I have extra time [which is very rare], I add in extra work if I feel like I need it. Here I wanted to add in some bench accessory work and bent rows to work on my back as well as grip.

Bent rows for grip? Yep. For some reason, I get a huge pump in my forearms when I do underhand bent rows. I use a standard olympic barbell for bent rows because its help me on deadlifts [at least at this particular gym]. The underhand bent rows help train my grip and because I am bent slightly and have to keep a tight torso, it enhances the challenge to hold on to 135#.

PM: Squats, Bench, Leg Hypertrophy
Squats: 245# 3 sets of 7
Pause Squat: 205# 2 sets of 5
Bench: 135# 3 sets of 7
Barbell Lunges: 95# x 2 sets walking
SLDL: 135# x 2 sets of 7

Prowler: 3 sets

PM: Conditioning Work




**Please do not copy my routine/diet. What works for one person may not work for another. If you have questions, just ask!


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