I’ve made several improvements to my current accountability regiment. Now I have the following routine:

  • I bought a scale, so every morning when I get up with my guy, I weigh myself, naked, before any food/drink.
  • I record the weight and macro breakdown for the day.
  • I plan EVERY meal in myfitnesspal.com
  • I have a huge excel file, that’s color coded and covered in formulas that takes my current training/volume numbers and summarizes it all up so I can see the progression of volume, weight, and can compare it to my weight and nutritional needs.
  • The excel file also has a nutrition element where it calculates how much I should be losing per week & what I need to adjust if I’m not.
  • I’m following a more relaxed way of eating, so its easier to fit more “unclean” foods in my diet, which is amazing.
  • I’m running at least once a week, recording the time, incline, location and comments on how I felt in said excel file.
  • I do this stuff at the same time every day.


Yeah it gets old, it gets routine – it sucks. But its the only way you can see change and where you need to make adjustments. Does everyone need to do this? No, I’m a bit crazy and want to SEE  these things all laid out.

I’m in my second week of 365 Strong. I just did my deadlifts last night and man they felt EASY. But probably because of the carbies I had before the work out 😉 I was suppose to do 205# x 8 sets of 3,  it was way too easy. I bumped it up at 225# for 8 sets of 3 and that felt much better.

Then I hit pause deadlifts for 185# x 3 sets of 8…which was awful, but fun to start using for assistance work. I kept it lighter than what I wanted since it was my first time doing pause deadlifts. I also did half conventional pause deadlifts and then sumo pause deadlifts.

I then hit some pull-ups and ab work and we were out of there.

Tuesday was my run day – I made a promise to my boyfriend that I would work on my 3-mile run time. We want to continue doing the Tough Mudders and Spartan Races so  again, I hopped on the treadmill to try out my new Saucony running shoes. I usually run either outdoors or at my other gym, but today because of my schedule it was a little different. Am I the only one who has a “perfect” routine and setting for running? I need to do things in order – its like a ritual that I believe helps me run pain free.

– Certain treadmills are way too wobbly or unsupported, there’s a certain brand that for some reason, feels sturdy and limits the amount of “bounce”.
– Foam Rolling the night before and about 20 minutes before my run. I even use my lacrosse ball to really dig into my quads and hamstrings.
– The right shoes, the right running stance, and the right music.
– Icing my knees down after running for about 10 minutes
– Stretching, foam rolling more and then walking for 10 minutes
– I then put my legs up on the wall, and do leg drains. 

I end up shaving off a minute and 25 seconds from last week’s run. I felt good, I felt strong – I got to about a 1.18 miles before I had to take a break and then finished the 3 miles. I did my stretching and foam rolling and felt pretty accomplished.

Wednesday was my weaknesses day – since I had an event at work, I had about 45 minutes to get some arm work down. My shoulders have been taking a beating lately with my two races, a lot of wide grip pullups, and mobility work. I felt sore still from Saturday’s benching/shoulder work, so I kept it light and heavily on arms/barbell movements. But then later that day, I ended up carrying a 10×10 EZ UP tent by myself for a couple of blocks around Boston. And yes, waking up this morning, my shoulder wasn’t happy with me at all.

Today, (Thursday), is my double day. I have a full body workout at 11am, then around 6:30pm I have drills/sprints. I naturally carb up a little more on today because of the double dose of activity. But I’m having my refeed for either Friday or Saturday night – which probably will be frozen yogurt and toppings…muwahha!

This week’s heavy day is BENCHING!


More updates soon 🙂


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