This week starts the new strength program, and yeah it started on Heavy Deadlifts. My schedule for each week is as follows..

Sunday – Deadlifts
Monday – Trail Run
Tuesday – Off
Wednesday – Weaknesses/Assistance Work
Thursday- Sprints/Outdoor Work
Friday – Squats
Saturday – Benching + Cardio

We spent Labor Day weekend in NH shooting guns, drinking and being fat kids, so now it’s time to get shit straight. I’m running this program for about 5 months, depending on how I feel in the middle. I work consistently rotating heavy, explosive and rep work for three weeks, then a deload week. The deload week scales back the volume and lets my body rest a bit. Heavy weight eventually beats me up, so I’m a 3 week on, 1 week off kinda gal. The deload isn’t a lazy week by any means, but it requires less volume and more mobility work.

The goals are simple: get shitty strong, lose some fat slowly and maintain my conditioning, but the primary goal is strength.

Today we drove home from NH, threw our gym shit on and headed back up to Nashua to get in before they closed. We had an hour an half to do deadlifts.

Heavy Deadlifts – 80%
Warm ups were the usual: 4 sets working up to my 80%.
Sumos: 135# x 5, 185# x 3, 215# x 2, 225# x 1, 245# x 5 sets of 2
Deficit Sumos: 215# x 2 sets of 3

Good Mornings
90#, 95# x 2 set to failure

225# x 2 sets to failure

Then we were out of there. Looking at it, doesn’t look like much work. But after a weekend of drinking, eating and not getting much sleep, today was win for me. After not deadlift for almost a month, I pulled 245# with no problem. It felt great. I did feel stiff in my hips though but they will loosen up soon. I usually do mobility work 4-5 times a week to get my hips to open up better, but I know I need to work on my hammies. My ass and quads are pretty dominant – so during squat day, I’ll be making sure to get more volume work in.

Tomorrow is suppose to be an off day according my schedule, but I’ve had about 4 off days so tomorrow will be a light trail run and some mobility work. I’m HUNGRY for some lifting and heavy weight – I’ve been dying to get under the barbell for a while. I think tomorrow I’ll even do some light squats to get ready for friday. I think Squats this week are explosive which means high volume: 8 sets of 3 at 65% and benching is high rep which is around 12-15 reps at 70%.

I’ll make sure to keep posting each week because I really want to document my strength gains. As it sits right now, I’m at:

Deadlift: 315#
Squat: 275#
Bench: 165#

My diet is starting my scratch. I jumped on the IIFYM plan since the ultra low carb thing back fired for me. Layne Norton has really changed the way I looked at food, so I’m sitting around 1900 cals day, carbs around my training and lots of fiber. Every week or so, I’ll be SLOWLY decreasing calories. Since I have about 20 weeks to reach my goal, I want to keep my strength as well as my conditioning, so I’d rather the fat loss be gradual and maintain my sanity. Carb back loading and shit ruined my view on food. I couldn’t live like that.

I’m off to get some food shopping done and cook for the week. 🙂
Keep kicking ass!


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