I can’t remember July but it was filled with lots of running and hiking.
August was filled with more hiking, NH weekends and races. My guy and I did the Spartan Race in Amesbury on the 9th, then on August 24 we did our first Tough Mudder. We also spent the weekend drinking, shooting our bows and relaxing together, it was perfect.

The Spartan Race this year was TOUGH. It was 5 miles of pure adrenaline. hill sprinting, lots of trail running, gravel buckets, sandbag carry, heavy sand bag pull, tire pull, cement block pull, reverse walls, rope climb, rope swing, two barbed wired crawls, etc. My improvement though on these races is pretty cool. The first year for me was around 3.5 miles. I did that in an 1:32 minutes. Three years later I did a 5 mile Spartan in an 1:48 hours and failed only one obstacle (rope climb). Yeah, I was pretty proud of myself 🙂

After that race we stuffed our faces with chicken parm then slept for 14 hours.

The Tough Mudder was just pure FUN. The race wasn’t anything like the Gunstock venue, this Maine event was on a golf course, so the terrain wasn’t as brutal. The ten miles was nice, I even almost made all of the funky monkey until the LAST TWO RUNGS…in which I burnt my calluses off…I mean ripped. Yep, I ripped 6 calluses off my fucking hands and I’m suppose to get back to strength work next week…yeaahhh. So I went the next half of the race with bloody, raw hands. I tried duct tape, but it wasn’t working. So I just ripped the tape off, and finished the TM. It was nice doing it for fun. Cor and I get so wrapped up in being competitive that sometimes it’s great to hang around and get muddy for the fun of it! My favorites were “Fire In Your Hole”, “Everest” and “Walk The Plank”. The weather was gorgeous, we went with a great group of friends, and we took off Monday from work to sit in NH, have some beers and relax after.

If you haven’t done a TM or a SR, the best way I can put both into words is this:
I don’t like the Spartan Race. But I need it. It gets out all of my competitivness, angst, and feeds my need to do the best of my ablity. It’s constant, unforgiving, and it will test your willpower and drive.

I enjoy the Tough Mudder because of the atmosphere, the friendly people, the silliness but with a challenge mixed in. Sure, it’s tough. But the running is the toughest part to be honest. It’s not timed, no one gives a shit how you finished or what you couldn’t do, it only matters that you finished, you had fun and you helped others. I mean I even face planted in mud after I got shocked in the face. Graceful? Nope. Fun? Yes!

I love both, for different reasons. I need both,  for different reasons. This weekend was BLAST. And I can’t wait to do it again!

Now that both races are completed, I’m looking at building my strength even more and shedding some body fat. 30 Weeks. That’s all I’m saying till I finalize the program.

This week is only a three day work week for me. Friday I have some errands, running and packing to do. Saturday I’m heading to NH to shoot some guns, and then hiking on Sunday. Then next week……the barbells come out to play.


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