I just cracked my knuckles in preparation of writing this. This has been the week from hell.  Although I squatted 245# for 5 reps and that made me pretty happy despite the gloominess.

But now, I want to dig right in.

Are YOU An Elitist Asshole?
Everyone lives their life differently. We see, do, hear, think differently. Last time I checked that isn’t a crime – correct? NSA, care to chime in?

What I cannot wrap my head around is how single minded, closed minded, whatever – people can be. Is it ego? Is to elitism? What? What makes people so sheltered in their own way of thinking that anything that challenges their theories and methods is deemed an abomination or renders the other person “stupid” “ignorant” when in fact, those rocks shouldn’t ever be thrown if you live in a small glass box yourself.

I won’t call anyone out, because personally I can only do like 10 minutes of drama and then my eyes glaze over and it’s time to eat. But goddamn, the downright black clouds that some people cast because others happen to live their lives differently is mind-bending.

If you are passionate about something, a good way to encourage people to either try it or get on the bandwagon is not calling other people stupid, fuckfaces, retarded, or telling them to fuck off but to try and outline facts or resources that might shine new light on your cause. I’m not sure where people picked up berating as a good tactic to unite others in their cause, but it makes me want to give you a ticket to the gun show, punch you in the throat and say everything and anything to piss you off even more.

The worst part of some of these people is that no matter what, logical and thoughtful responses don’t get anywhere. They are never wrong, and don’t give a fuck that someone people in this world don’t see it as they do. And that’s a problem.

Now – if you are sitting there wondering if you are an elitist asshole, take a look at the signs below:
– You don’t stop talking when the other person is explaining why they believe/do things a certain way

-You interrupt others, cutting them off or laugh in the middle of their sentence.

– You look down at the floor and stop paying attention.

– You insult them, swear or discredit everything they say instantly.

– You’re defensive as fuck and refuse to even consider another person’s thoughts.

– You began every sentence with “Yeah but…” “No see…” “Thats not right…” “You don’t get it..”

– You arguments stop becoming productive and start getting personal/insulting.

– You don’t listen to what the other person is telling you, you just wait till you can speak again.

– You try to embarrass the other person by pointing out flaws, mistakes or personal defects.

– Instead of producing any real facts or info, you comment on their grammar or anything else that doesn’t pertain to the topic.

– You can’t cite your sources.

– You don’t want to be challenged, you just want to be right…even if you are wrong.

– You don’t ever want to admit you are wrong.

If this sounds like you, you need to sit your elitist ass down and calm your tits. The people in your life will never try to interact with you if you continue swinging your dick around the room and telling everyone to fuck off when people don’t agree with you. Berating someone because they don’t see your point of view or understand your life isn’t productive. It actually pushes growth and efficiently down the drain and pours acid on anything valid that you even said.

The world keeps on spinning whether you are an elitist asshole or not. But if you want to be alone in life because you’ve driven them all insane with your childish arguments and behaviors, don’t sit there and wonder why. I personally do not give two shits how passionate you are about something if you attack others for not believing the same things you do.

I will also not hesitate to knock you down a few pegs. I am strong enough to not get pulled into bullshit. And I will stand up for those you berate.

So if you don’t want to be an elitist asshole, start listening with your fucking ears and stop talking. It’s amazing what you learn about others and life when you stop making noise.


Peace out.



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