It’s week 3, which means shit is about to get tougher. This weekend I’ll be in at my other home for Memorial day. Which means boats and hoes. Just kidding. Its in the mountains, so I get to have a couple of days to relax! I’m saving my carb nite for Saturday, which I know will filled with Whiskey and shenanigans. But Saturday I do plan on doing some type of homegrown work out with sandbags and the large hills near my house.

Monday – Weaknesses
Warm Up: Pull ups
Wide Grip Pulldowns + Pushups x 4 to failure
Rear Delt Raises + Arnold Presses x 4 to failure
Standing Lateral Raises + Holds x 3 sets to failure
5lb Plate Raises + 25# plate rasies x 4 sets to failure
20# EZ Curl bar curls: 7 complete curls, 7 decline curls, 7 half curls x 3 sets to failure
DB Pullovers + 25# plate holds x 2 sets to failure
Dips + pushups x  3 sets to failure

Foam Rolling + Stretching
Time: 1:00:00
Cals: 285

Thoughts: It was fast really. I think the arms took about 35 minutes to complete. The rest was spend on stretching  and foam rolling. But damn my shoulders and arms were popping out big time. I was very excited, which made me work even harder! The biceps 7, 7, 7s kill me every time. Everything was pretty jumbled though. I didn’t have a set routine, just mixing it up and making sure to go right to failure every time.


Tuesday – Squats
Squats, Squats, Squats!
135# x 5, 155# x 3, 185# x 2, 200# x 1, 215# x AMRAP
Barbell Step-Ups x 3 sets of 6 at 75%

TBar Rows: 100# x 3 sets to failure
Thrusters: 75# x 5, 85# x 1 x 6, 95# x 1 x 6, 105# x 2
Strength Abs

Time: 1:11:31
Cals: 422

Fat: 69%
Carb: 2%
Protein: 29%

Thoughts: BAM! So fucking excited. I walked in running late. But I kept my focus and didn’t over think shit. I started off warming up with the barbell for a few reps, warming up the hips. Then kept moving up the percentages. I wanted to go for at least 3 reps of 215. But nope, I got six fucking reps. SIX! It went by quick, I probably could have squeezed out one more rep, but even on the 6th, my legs were like “hmmmm….i dont know” but I got that fucking weight up. I felt pretty damn awesome. I found a perfect stance now on squat, and it feels so much better. Its a closer stance than normal, but I can hit way below parallel on the heavier lifts because of it. It felt great. My heart was pounding in my damn ears. I had to shake out my legs on the 5th rep (bar was still on my back) to make sure I still had life in them. And down I went for the 6th rep, it was a slow and controlled rep but I got that shit back up.

The rest of the workout was great. I’m building up my rows again to 100lbs. The thrusters were saved for the end of the workout, but I still PRed on them! Normally I do 65-85# thrusters but last night I was feeling fiesty. I got to 6 reps of 95#. The guys then added more weight and I was like “alright, fuck it. I wanna try it.” It ended up totaling at 105#, which I didn’t know because I’m an idiot and thought it was 95#, and I got two reps of it! The first rep was good, the second was a little sloppy but I locked it out with my boyfriend spotting me. I was DONE after that.

Wednesday – OFF

Thursday – Outdoor Field Work





Friday – Deadlifts
Sumo Deads: 155# x 5, 185# x 3, 225# x 2, 235# x 1, 250# x AMRAP
Snatch-Grip: 2 sets of 8

Pull-Ups: 4 sets to Failure
Box Jumps: 4 sets of 2, increase height each set
Single Arm Rows: 3 sets to failure





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