Monday – Weaknesses
Today I’m at Healthworks doing weaknesses. It will be a little different and faster pace since I’m on my lunch break 😉

On the menu: Bent Rows, Pushups, Pullups, Overhead Rope Pulls, Dips, & Single Arm Work, Hip Work + 10 minute rowing.

Cals: 252
Time: 41

Carbs: 3%
Fat: 69%
Protein: 28%

Thoughts: Even before today’s workout, I feel so good! I had a big refeed on Friday night, which was actually harder than I thought it was going to be. I could only eat 1 pint of Arctic Zero so I was a little lower in cals than what I planned – but still had about 180g of carbs because of dinner, post workout shake, snack and the ice cream! I made sure to finish two gallons that day. I gained about 4lbs overnight (water and carbs) and but today I’m down about 6.  (Water weight + some). My little four pack is actually coming through and I’m super excited. It is back to the low carb though until this Friday. I do need to get more carbs into my diet though on Friday, I feel like I went a little too low…I need to hit that 200. So in prep I’m going to buy some organic banana bread at Trader Joes!

Tuesday – Squats
Foam Rolling, Stretching

Squats: 165# x 3, 185# x 3, 195# x 3 x 8
Front Squats: 3 x 8 at 95#, 105#, 115#
Assistance Work + Thrusters x 3 sets of 8 at 75#

Cals: 452
Time: 75 minutes

Carbs: 4%
Fat: 61%
Protein: 35%

Thoughts: Today was the perfect example of those weird training days that you mentally and physically feel exhausted, but you end up having such a great work out. I knew it was going to be tough – squats are always a little temperamental after a work day. My guy got home late too, so we decided to try as much as possible to get in the zone.

We started off with a quick warm up, quicker than normal. But I fucking got in my zone, banged out two warm up sets. Then started on my 165# set, then my 185# set and then the 195#  sets of 3 x 8. It was rough, but I felt good. I focused on NOT re-racking the bar, even if I needed a 5 second breather, I didn’t re rack the bar.  I used a closer stance than I normally do and it felt great, I felt stronger. I think I’m going to practice this stance more often because of the better control I had when the weight started to get heavier. The last set of 195# was the most difficult. By then my legs were fired up and my heart was beating in my ears. The last two reps were comical for me because it took all what was left in my legs to get that weight back up.

Wednesday – OFF

Carbs: 2%
Fat: 65%
Protein: 33%

Thursday – Sprints/Agility + Circuit Training
2:30 – 3:00pm: Circuit Training
Cals: 374
Time: 45 minutes
7:00pm-8:00pm – Warm ups, Ladder work, Sprints, Drills

Cals: 392
Time: 58 minutes

Carbs: 2%
Fat: 65%
Protein: 33%

Thoughts: I was pooped. I burned about 770 cals yesterday and could not match my calorie intake. This morning I woke up feeling sick because of the lack of cals the night before, even though I ate almost a lb of ground turkey and shredded cheese to myself. So this morning I stopped by Starbucks and bought two sausage sandwiches (obviously didn’t eat the bread) and ate the shit out of them.

I woke up with a big headache too this morning. The amount of pollen in the air is gross. I felt like my head was filled with lead and my eyes were taped shut. I invested in a large ice coffee this morning and I feel a little better – and even despite me feel sleepy, I’m excited for deadlifts tonight.

Friday – Deadlifts
Sumo: 180# x 3, 205# x 3, 215# x 1 set of 8, 225# x 2 sets of 8
Conventional OR Wide Grip: 2sets x 10 @ 68%

Pull-Ups + Pushup SS: 3 x AMRAP
Single Arm Rows: 4sets of 10
Box Jumps: 4 sets of 2, increase height each set
Rep Ab work

Cals: 464
Time: 1:04:32

Carbs: 46%
Fat: 30%
Protein: 24%

Thoughts: ITS CARB NITE!! I had about 5 slices of banana bread and whipped cream after the gym. I wanted to eat more, but I actually started to feel slightly sick, so I stopped. Eesh. Deadlifts were suppose to be 215# for 3 sets of 8, but the first set of 215# felt so fucking easy, so I made it 225# for the last two sets. It took a lot out of me, but I felt fantastic when I was done. I WILL LOCK OUT THAT 315!!!

Saturday – Bench
Bench: 100# x 3, 105# x 3, 115# x 3 sets of 8
Standing Presses: 45# x 4 sets to failure

Pull-Ups +Pushups x 3 sets to failure (3 wide grip!!)
Rep Ab work

Cals: 162
Time: 50 minutes

Carbs: 46%
Fat: 30%
Protein: 24%

Thoughts: It was a meh day. I felt strong on bench but my right shoulder was giving me some issues. It felts better now, but for some reason it was giving me dull aches when doing the standing presses. I think between Thursdays double workout ( a lot of shoulder movements) and deadlifts, I stressed it out big time. The pull ups actually didnt give me problems though, I even did 3 wide grip pull ups too. The last one though Cor had to help me, haha!

Sunday – OFF DAY
Sunday is usually an outdoor run/sprint day – but I had a lot to accomplish in such a short time that I decided to give it a rest.

Thoughts: Overall it was a great week. I need to get more running underneath me though. I feel myself getting stronger, but I need my speed back. Argh.


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