I think I’m going to do a 3 month journal of my fitness, nutrition, goals, etc. I use to do it everyday publicly a few years ago, now I just write it down or ramble on a word doc. But I think I’m going to start it again. Here goes…

My focus over the winter was to gain as much strength as possible.

– Deadlift: went from 185# from my previous max to a new 300# max, 315# failed to lock out, but 80% there.
– Squat: When I started the strength program I was sitting at 165# as a max. I ended the program with a 275# max (I never got to my final PR because of a massive chest cold.)
– Bench: 155# max
– Worked on doing non-machine based pull-ups. My boyfriend assisted me when I got tired to do forced reps.
– I dislocated my shoulder doing DB Presses, rehabbing back has been great.
– 95# on thrusters
-Incorporated high-intensity circuit training with my lifting, it was new for me to mix and match these things. Def makes my shoulders look jacked.

What my new goal is: To Be More Athletic.
I can lift heavy shit, I can kind of run, and I cannot jump with an ounce of grace. So, I want to round myself out…metaphorically.

I also want to be in racing shape for August since I’m doing a Spartan and a Tough Mudder two weeks apart from one another. That means a lot of body weight work, a lot of trail running, a lot of lactic acid training and a lot more volume. So Ill be posting my workouts, nutrition, and whatever weekly. I’ll try to update every morning when I get to work before the sun comes up to keep things consistent.

Ill also post my macros..which brings me to another piece of shit. I’m doing a thing called Carb Nite, before you say anything, read below.

1. I don’t care about what you think I should be doing.
2. Carbs manipulation helps me lose fat, that’s why I do it.
3. I don’t love carbs. I love fats.
4. It may not work for you, it may not be for your goal, that’s okay.
5. I feel the best at low/ultra low carb. GTFO with your opinions. Follow along or not.
6. Why am I touchy about this? Because everyone is an expert when it comes to this crap, whether its bro science or not. Different things work for different people. I’ve gotten lean only on ultra low/low carb diets, that’s the way I do it. Do I advise you to do the same? Nope. Ultra low carb is dangerous if you are being an idiot about it or haven’t done your own research and experimentation.

The first thing I do for this ultra low carb nutrition plan, is do a 9 day carb depletion phase. That means I have to eat a certain way, under a certain amount of carbs for 9 days. When you restrict carbs under a certain amount, your body is forced to find energy elsewhere. In this case, fats are my main source of energy. So fats and proteins are high for the next 9 days. I still eat under a certain calorie to make sure I hit my sweet spot, continue to train and even throw in low cardio to deplete a little faster. Yes you lose “weight” but its mostly water and whatever carb storage you’ve built up – it’s not fat loss or anything to get excited about.

On the 9th day, I get to “carb up” after 6pm. This means, after not eating carbs, basically, for 9 days, I suddenly and rapidly introduce carbs to my system for one night, every 7 days. It’s basically a carb refeed. Now some people will do dirty foods, but I’m going to keep it fairly “junk food free”: rice, pasta, bread, coconut ice cream, etc.

After the “Carb Nite” I will be back to an ultra low carb diet for 7 days, and on the 7th day, I get to refeed. Magic? No. Tedious? Yes.

I do take in veggies, but a certain amount. I do not eat any type of potato, rice, pasta, fruit, etc however. I do take fiber every morning though as a supplement to help. By no means is this a “starvation” diet. I keep my cals about 1700. Yep, thats a lot of protein and fats!

Technically this started last week, but I’ve been so goddamn busy finishing this move that I haven’t had much time to sit down and think.

I started the diet on April 30th – the first two days were okay, nothing horrible. Saturday was the roughest day. I felt so awful: low energy, irritable, restlessness, very tired, etc. But Sunday I felt fantastic! Total 360 from Saturday. I got into a big cleaning mode and just powered through the last bit of our move/cleaning we had to do. I’m not sure where I got the energy from, but it probably had something to do with the dinner I had that was loaded with fats ūüôā

So technically I started¬†my new routine last week – which I didn’t journal really. So I’m going to start this off as Week 1 ¬†since I’m starting the first week of my second phase of training.


WEEK 1 РMay 4th to May 10th

2 Miles Sprints + Cleaning.

The run was great, it went by quick. I can tell my running form is starting to get better because I can feel my toes digging in the ground better and PUSHING off the ground. My Inov-8s have been one of the best purchases of my life! Great tread for running trails, they dig right in and reduce the amount of sliding on turns/etc. I did a longer trail run on Saturday, so I was a little stiff from that, but once I got warmed up, I felt great. Cleaning totally isn’t a work out, but since I just moved, it feels like it. Cor and I are almost unpacked completely, which means lots of re-arranging furniture and shit. And stupid me, I bought moving boxes without handles or anything to grab on to. I just pretended I was squatting/deadlifting every time I had to pick one up ūüėČ

Calories Burned on Run: 227
Time: 26 minutes
Terrain: It was hilly and mostly sand. The weather was rainy and my dogs were retards, over all it was a great little run!

Carbs: 4%
Fats: 63%
Protein: 33%

¬†My eating time¬†were a little off and I was a little low on cals, mostly because I didn’t plan well when it came to all the shit I had to do. I think this is the lowest cal day I’ve had and oddly I had the most energy? My guy and I vegged in the morning, trying to finish off our water jugs. We then went to the store, bought 8 more gallons of water (we have them lining out stairs, haha) He had football and I had a run to get done as well as food shopping. I also picked up plasti-dip for our cars ūüėÄ My brother is going to teach me –¬†too bad it rained in Sunday a bit which halted our project. The rest of day I spent food shopping, cleaning my car, unpacking and then finally having some dinner with Corey’s football buddies then vegging for the night with video games/cooking lunches.



AM: 25 Minutes Cardio + Foam rolling
The goal here was to deplete more of my carb storage.
Cals: 193
Time: 40 minutes total

PM: Weaknesses
30# & 35# DB Shoulder Presses: 3 x failure
SS: 17.5# Rear Delt Raises + 25# Plate Raises
SS: Rope Pulldowns + Overhead raises
SS: Bicep Rope Curls + Ez Cable Curls
SS: Pull Ups + Pushups

Cals: 227
Time: 56 minutes

Carbs: 8%
Fats: 57%
Protein: 35%

Thoughts:¬†AM cardio was rough to wake up to. I had such a great weekend, but it was time to kick ass. I packed everything the night before which is the only thing that saves me in the morning. Otherwise I would not be getting on the T at 5:45am to get my ass to the gym. Tonight is weaknesses, which means I get to blast this shit out of my delts, hips and arms. Also, pull-ups. I did my first set of 10 reps last week and I couldn’t be more excited. Now I just need to make that 3 sets of 10 ūüėČ

PM arms were great, short, sweet and fast paced. Including warmup, the workout and stretching, it was under an hour! My arms are looking great, I can see more and more definition. I’m officially down 10lbs. Hopefully by Friday, it will be a total of 12-15. (again this water weight for the most part and I have my period, so Im still holding a ton of water weight). The real test is Saturday morning to next Monday. After my refeed, it should take about two days for me to dry out more .So next Monday I’ll make a note to weigh myself in the AM.




Warm-Up, Overhead work, 3 warm-up sets. 
Squats: 175# x 5 sets of 8
Barbell Lunges, Assistance Work + Abs

Cals: 516
Time: 74 minutes

Carbs: 5%
Fats: 53%
Protein: 42%

Thoughts:¬†It sounds funny to those who body build or train like a bodybuilder, but as a powerlifter, doing 8 reps of anything fucking sucks in a good and bad way. I can’t always do singles and doubles and expect progress, so adding in speed work and volume expands the ceiling for progress. 5 sets of 8 is terrible. Corey and I were on one power rack together and we switched back and forth – which means it was one set after another. ¬†I don’t think my heart rate left the 160s for the entire thing. It actually hit 185bpm a couple of times. At one point, maybe set 4 for Corey,¬†I had to walk away from¬†him¬†for a minute because if I leaned down to spot him, I would have puked.

We then did assistance work, abs and then drove our tired asses home. Dinner was quick – it was mostly tuna, mayo and bacon. Yep..tuna, mayo and bacon. ūüėČ

I still feel bloated, heavy, and full of water. I feel silly complaining about such too. Yesterday was the first day though that I didn’t crave carbs. It was weird. I felt satisfied, full and happy. I was still tired because of the workout, but I felt happy. You wouldn’t believe how much your mood will tell you about your diet. Not only that, we slept like babies. We started using this mood/rain app when we fall asleep – it mimics a light thunderstorm and it helps me fall asleep like a baby.

Carbs: 5%
Fats: 53%
Protein: 42%



2:30-3:30pm – Training 1: High Intensity Ciruit
Cals: 255
Time: 34 minutes

6:00-7:00pm – Agility / Footwork
Cals: 226
Time: 38 minutes

Carbs: 4%
Fats: 68%
Protein: 28%

Thoughts:¬†One word: ouch. The morning was rough already since squats destroyed my quads. Thursday was a two-a-day that I knew would be beat me up, but fuck it, right? I did a 30 minute circuit with my co-workers. It was pretty simple: 5 exercise, 1 minute each, 10 second break, 4 rounds. ¬†Pushups, Bench Hops, 24” Box Jumps, Mountain Climbs and Cable pulls. It was quick, it was rough, but it was fun.

The second work out was agility/sprint work outside. We were suppose to start around 6ish, but ended up starting at 7pm because most of the fields we use had kids playing sports on them. GO HOME CHILDREN.
While my legs were being bitches, I did the best I could. I found my stride doing S sprints around cones, but that wore off when Captain Corey made us do forward sprints, back peddles and then change directions to do it again. My quads were fucking done. Theres only been a couple of times my quads felt numb and last night was one of them. Lets just say I slept like a fucking baby last night – and probably looked like one trying to get myself out of bed at 4am this morning. Actually, I felt like a turtle upside down on its shell. My shoulders are jacked, my legs ache every fucking move, and abs are stinging. But I got deadlifts tonight bitches and it’s 5 x 8s at 195lbs ūüôā


Conventional Deadlifts: 195# x 5 sets of 8
Snatch Grip DLs, Assistance Work + Abs & Clean and Jerks

Cals: 57:14 minutes
Time: 375

It’s CARB REFEED DAY!!!! That means I get to eat an awesome amount of carbs for night! I plan to keep it under 2300 cal (for the day, right now my totals without carbs sit at 1700). I’m going to experiment and see if 2300 cals is too low. The total amount of carbs will sit around 200g.¬†My dinner + refeed:


Carbs: 40%
Fats: 25%
Protein: 35%

Thoughts:¬†I will be weighing myself tonight and tomorrow morning to get numbers filled in. I honestly am trusting the process. I’m not going too overboard tonight as you can see – I’m not eating fatty junk food. The arctic ice cream there is actually a light version of regular ice cream. And there is two pints there I get to eat, along with my awesome monster rehab protein/energy drink I’ve missed ‚̧

I will update tomorrow on the way I feel and the numbers. Maybe picture. Who knows.



Presses/Shoulder work, Pullups, Assistance Work, Landmine Complex & Abs

Cals: 250
Time: 1:14:44 minutes

Carbs: 4%
Fats: 74%
Protein: 22%



Time: 62 minutes
Cals: 364

Carbs: 4%
Fats: 74%
Protein: 22%

Thoughts: Sprints were fucking awesome. I wanted to shoot myself by number 5, but the sun was out, it was beautiful and we powered through.





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