So – before I start to ramble, watch this video below:

Now – if that video doesn’t make you want to destroy a work out, I don’t know what will. So I’m fired up, and have been thinking about extending my services of coaching, which really just means I yell at people, and get people to do my outdoor workout. No gym memberships, no weird machines, and no bullshit – just straight up getting your ass kicked in the great outdoors!


What’s Will I Be Doing?
You’ll be working. So when you show up, leave all your bullshit at the gate, sort of speak. We are there to get some stress out, to sweat and to find out what you are made of. You’ll be carrying my dirty equipment out to the field. You’ll be running, jumping, lunging, sprinting, carrying, and maybe some whining. You’ll be sweating, getting dirty, getting some sun or even rained on. I did this workout every Sunday for months, no matter what it was like outside. I even did the workout hungover in 90 degree heat. Do I advise that? No, but it will put hair on your chest. (its a metaphor, calm down)

What Will You Be Doing?
This is the fun part for me: I get to yell at you. Yep, you’re signing up for me to torture you for 50 minutes. No more, no less. Seriously. STFU and make the time, no excuses.

What Do You Charge?
I technically can’t charge you shit. But I do ask for 5 dollars every week you come to help me out with gas and equipment wear and tear. I’m not out to price gouge or make a living out of this shit, but I am asking for you to help me keep doing this for a long time. And after a while, the wear and tear on the equipment becomes very apparent. Or buy me a coffee, thats okay too. 😉

What Should I Wear?
Leave your LuLulemon, white nikes and your VSX shit at  home. You will get dirty and sweaty and you will be acurring dirt and dust all over you. Get over it. Look at it as a liberating experience. It’s not about what you wear, it’s how much effort you put into this workout. I don’t care if you color coordinate or look like a homeless person. Show up wearing proper dress, sneakers, sports bra (men, leave this at home) and be ready to go. That means pack your bag before you show up, have your shit together, and put the goddamn phones away.  

Who Can I Bring?
Literally, anyone. Seriously.

What Do I Need To Do This?
A pulse, a couple bottles of water, a drawstring bag if you want to keep your waters in there or whatever, a towel for sweat/dirt, and some determination. Also, please, PLEASE tell me if you have any issues medically before you jump into it. I can’t guess or read minds. If something is hurting you that day, let a sister know.

When Is It?
Sundays for me is the best day, but I will do it Saturday or Sunday as well depending on how many people can attend. Usually I like to start around 10:30am. It’s not too early, but not too late. During the summer, its good to start earlier to avoid it being TOO goddamn hot.

Do I Need Prior Exercise Experience?
It’d be great but not something that is needed. You’re going to be listening to my instructions anyways. I can help you learn a movement to the best of your ability or modify it if you have severe issues. But for the most part, the stuff we will be doing is very organic movements that the body should know: throwing, picking up, running, slamming, jumping, etc

Any Extra Info?
All I ask is for you to bring it. I don’t want to hear about your party last night or your boyfriend’s sister’s friend’s problems. I want you to show up, ready to work. We will goof off and have fun, but when it comes to it, I want you to work. Block everything out but my yelling and release all of the crappy stress and WORK. Think of me as a drill Sargent, only shorter. I’m not going to baby people. I’m not going to tell you “its okay”. I’m going to tell you what to do, assist you if you NEED it, and give you one hell of a workout. I’ve done this workout style myself for two years, and it was so much fun. Even through the days where I felt tired and crappy, I found my groove eventually during the work out and left feeling so accomplished.

When Does It Start?
Ideally, I’d like to get this started by May 17/18 and run it through the summer. It all depends on participation. Hell I might even jump into the work out 😉

How Do I Sign Up?
Please message me on facebook or email me: Let me know your name, what day you’d like to come (Saturday or Sunday) and what time frame works best. I will then email you/message you when the finalized start date is and when to show up.


Look – I’m here to motivate you. I love to coach and assist people in making a difference in their lives, not just physically, but mentally as well. Exercise is one of the best ways to start changing yourself, as a whole. This is open to both men and women and all ages. I will bring all of the equipment and all you have to do, is show up some determination and willpower. The question now is: WHAT WILL YOUR EXCUSE BE?


Get at me, people 🙂

599549_4189845227116_512321280_nIMG_1539Farmer WalksOverhead PressesChris putting the gloves onCorey, tire flipping!420909_4842016410988_1367626718_n


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