I felt great. I was excited. I had a lot of energy. I felt strong.
Notice how I’m using the PAST TENSE form.

Tuesday is my weakness day. It’s a day I like to work on anything I feel needs attention. Last Tuesday, it was a combination of arms and shoulder work.

I started with DB shoulder presses: 30s went up, 30s came down. 35s went up, 35s came down.
I felt great.

40s went up 5 times and then there was a problem. My left arm came down too quick, the DB wiggled free somehow (the weight was fucking easy) and I dropped it. My right arm still held the 40# DB just fine. I remember looking at my boyfriend who was standing behind me with a shocked look on my face..and his.

I was embarrassed a little bit because the gym was packed and you know if you drop anything really loud, people will look. I got up from the seat to grab the dumbbell then I realized my left arm wouldn’t fall by my side. I stood there for a moment really confused. I looked at my guy and his face said it all “something is wrong with your arm”. I looked down and noticed it myself… yep – something was wrong. I put my left arm on the bench’s head rest, pulled to the side and then POP, my shoulder snapped back into place.

I realized in that moment, that I dislocated my shoulder. Oh, god. 

I felt the vibration IN my bones as it slide into the socket. It gave me a sickening feeling – the gym got hazy, lost its color and I could barely hear my boyfriend telling me to do something? To sit? What?

“Let me breathe” I kept saying to him. He didn’t exactly know what was going on – I remembering looking at him or..trying to look at him and I only saw a cloud – no real shapes or faces.

He helped me sit on the bench once I could hear again. I started getting really cold. The dizziness was fading, but my blood pressure had shot down so fast, I started to shiver. Man, I really want to throw up.

A man came over who saw the whole thing, and knew right away what happened. He looked at me and saw how pale I actually was. He asked me if I’ve ever dislocated my shoulder before. “Nope. But I’m fine now. It’s back in place.” He suggested I take the rest of the night off. I thought that was a great idea.

Corey brought me water. And he too, stood in disbelief at what I had just done to myself. I remember thinking: I really hope the entire gym isn’t staring at me.

And then the aches started. My shoulder throbbed. I tried not to show it – but Cor knew I had to go grab more water and find a place to relax before I actually fainted this time. With a bus load of shame, I got my shit together, finished my water, and we headed to the car.


So – there it is. My first really injury – like serious injury. Even though I felt strong, the planets were aligned and 40s were very easy, my ego got the best of me. I was too sure of myself. I wasn’t taking my time anymore, I was trying to prove something. Very silly shit.

A solid week later, the only things I haven’t been able to do: thrusters (well, the press portion), wide grip pull downs, and burpees. Besides that, I have managed to not skip anything else. I even benched on Saturday! It was much lighter than usual, but I did 90% pain free – I even did light military presses and unassisted pullups 🙂

I’m still in shock about what happened, as well as how I’ve been able to recover so far. I’m not 100%, but I’m not in a sling for 6 weeks either or on the operating table. I have to count my blessing.

A year ago, I would have either quit or worked through the pain stupidly. I wouldn’t know how to go on after this. I would continue to probably damage myself further. But I’m proud to say, the more “mature” lifter in me knew I had to do this right.

I have to rehab correctly. But I’m not going to fucking quit. I’m not going to cry or get upset. I’m not going to blame anyone or pass the buck. It was my fault, my shit, and my ego that put me in that compromising position. I had a good amount of luck on my side that I didn’t tear anything. I’m also lucky that I had enough strength to properly let it drop, rather than relying on anything else to bring the weight down. I would be sitting here typing with one arm if so.

I didn’t have my ego checked at the door…it got thrown under fucking bus.

Today, it’s still sore. But I can lift my arms over my head just fine, there’s no pain and every day the soreness is lessening. I had a massage last Thursday to ease the surrounding muscles/joints that were effected. I have another 80-min massage (specifically for injuries) on Thursday to work out any kinks I still have. Mainly my traps, biceps, and pecs are pretty sore still. Icing, stretching, resting and knowing my limits has saved me. I’ve also have taken up a hobby of researching and trying shoulder mobility work, kind of a blessing in disguise.

Besides that shit storm – training has been good. Even with a hurt shoulder, Wednesday, I squatted just fine with 205lbs. Front squats were fine, made me ache a little bit – but as long as I aligned myself properly (aka perfect form), there was no pain. Friday, thrusters were a no-go, but I still did the front squat portion. The loading and unloading of the bar to the ground was a little rough. But thankfully they were bumper plates, so I didn’t mind slamming them down.

Last Saturday was the best day out of last week. I learned how to properly bench…finally. And it all involved properly pulling shoulders down, then back. Worked like a charm. Pull-ups were the most surprising exercise. I did 6 unassisted pullups (shitty form, but whatever, I did them). Those didn’t hurt one bit.

Sunday, deadlifts were an explosive 6 sets of 3 at 205#. Deficits felt great. Skipped lat pulldowns but beasted through the farmer walks (even though I had to knock down fron 80s to 60s). Cardio was great too.

Monday was strictly cardio and foam rolling, felt a little sore from the deadlifts, but iced everything and stretched. Today is suppose to be Weaknesses, but the snow might stop us from going so I’ll have a day of rest so I can squat 215 tomorrow for reps 😉

The rest of the week is Sqauts, Full Body and Heavy Benching/Trail run – we’ll see how I feel after Thursday’s massage. Heavy benching may or may not happen.

Moral of my story: check yourself before you wreck yourself.


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