Lately, I’ve just pushed everyone and everything out of my head. I see on facebook all this bullshit about losing weight. It drives me up a wall. It makes me skin crawl. It annoys me to no end.

So, I’m going to break my thoughts down because honestly, people are SO WRAPPED UP in easy fixes, they will pay ANYTHING to make it work. In comparison, I offer my services of 22 dollars AN HOUR. These crazy products/fixes can cost up to $300 A MONTH. That’s 13 sessions WITH ME instead of spending money on products THAT DO NOT WORK.

Part of my rage comes from a company called HerbaLife. I’m picking on their protein supplement. Why? Because I feel like it’s a good product that everyone can relate to, as well probably take the most. In this little article, I compared HerbaLife to a well known protein supplement from MET RX.

Here is why I’m laughing at HerbaLife customers.
Here is my target: Herbalife Protein Drink Mix
My comparison is what I take: MET RX Natural Whey


Herbalife Cost: 22.5oz or 1.375lb bottle: $46.50
MET RX Nat Whey Cost 5lb bottle: $44

Winner: MET RX.

Explanation: One bottle of Herbalife protein is actually 1.375lbs. That means you are getting 3.63lbs LESS protein than you would if you were to buy the industry standard 5lb bottles of protein. So if you were to get 5lbs of herbalife protein (which lasts me about 1 month in MET RX), it would cost you around: $150 vs $44 dollars.
For a year, that’s $528 dollars for me and $775 for you (at only 1.375lbs per month of HerbaLife)
For a year, that’s $528 dollars for me and $1800 for you (at only 5lbs per month of HerbaLife)


BUT you’re still getting LESS protein by buying HerbaLife. Each serving size of herbalife protein contains 15 grams of protein. Each scoop of MET RX protein contains 23 grams of protein.

HerbaLife Serving Size: 29 grams of product per serving size/ 15 grams of protein per serving size= 15g of protein per 29 grams of product is 52%
Met RX Serving Size: 33 grams of product per serving size / 23 grams of protein per serving size= 23g of protein per 33 grams of product is  70%

52% of HerbaLife’s serving size is protein.
70% of Met RX Serving size is protein.

Winner: MET RX.

Explanation: Protein is measured by scoops. Each scoop for each product is different, however each product needs to disclose how much each serving size weights for accurate measurement of cals/product size. MET RX says that 1 scoop of their whey weighs about 33 grams. HerbaLife says every two scoops weighs 29 grams. I compared what the protein amount was to the weight of the product to see how much of it was actually protein.

I asked what percent is 15 of 29 / 23 of 33 to get the percentages. Each percent is rounded up.
HerbaLife: 29g weight (two scoops) = 15g of protein
MET RX: 33g weight (one scoop) – 23g of protein.


The serving size on the Herbalife bottle is 2 scoops for 120 calories. (7.5 g x 2 = 15 grams of protein, 3.5g of fat and 6g of carbs for 120 cals)
The serving size on the MET RX Bottle is 1 scoop for a total of 130 calories. (23 grams of protein, 2g of fat, and 5 grams of carbs for 130 cals)

So – Met RX has 8 grams more of protein per serving size, yet is only ten calories more? Hmmm, let’s see.

So lets do the math.
Each gram of protein is 4 cals.
Herbalife PER SERVING SIZE: 60 cals

Each gram of fat is 9 cals
Herbalife PER SERVING SIZE: 31.5 cals

Each gram of carb is 4 cals.
Herbalife PER SERVING SIZE: 24 cals

HerbaLife Total: 115.5 (missing 4.5 calories of product?)
Met RX Total: 130 cals (adds up perfectly)

Winner: MET RX

ExplanationBy breaking down what each product is made up of: protein, fat, carbs, I was able to see where each product put its cals. What makes me laugh is that HerbaLife is 120 cals for less amount of protein (15 grams of protein, 3.5 grams of fat, 6 grams of carbs) than MET RX which is 130 cals per serving size (23 grams of protein, 2 grams of fat, 5 grams of carbs) HerbaLife is 10 calories LESS than a product with more protein, less fat and less carbs. Sounds weird right? I wonder what else is in HerbaLife making up for that weight/missing calorie.


The last comparison I will make, is how much HerbaLife is charging you per gram of protein versus how much MET RX Natural Whey is charging you.

First lets figure out the cost.  I’m only comparing the standard bottle of HerbaLife which is 22.5oz or 1.375lbs to the MET RX’s 5lbs of protein because it would be completely unfair to compare the two with both being at 5lb bottles. HerbaLife would be laughed off the shelves. To save some embarrassment, I’ll compare the current bottle sizes.

HerbaLife Protein Supplement
Cost Per Bottle: $46.55
Bottle Size: 22.5oz or 1.375lbs.
Serving size 2 scoops /15 grams per serving size
Servings Per Bottle: 22

So each serving is 15 grams of protein. We’ll do 15 grams of protein x 22 total servings per bottle: 330 grams of protein per bottle.

The cost of the 22.5oz/1.375lb HerbaLife bottle is: $46.55 on the site.
We’ll divide the grams of protein by the cost of the bottle: $0.141 per gram of protein

MET RX Nat Whey:
Cost Per Bottle: $44
Bottle Size: 5lbs
Protein Per Serving size: 23g
Servings Per Bottle: 68

We’ll do 23 grams of protein x 68 serving sizes for: 1564 grams of protein per bottle.
The cost of the 5lb bottle is 44 dollars
We’ll divide the grams of protein by the cost of the bottle: $0.03 per gram of protein.

Winner: MET RX

Explanation: Basically, you’re spending $0.14 per gram of protein for the HerbaLife when you could be spending $0.03 per gram of protein. It must be super special protein in the HerbaLife – like almost 5 times more special than MET RX’s protein.


I have no stake in MET RX as a company, nor do I have anything personally against HerbaLife. I wanted to point out facts. I wanted to show people that dishing out tons of money for an exclusive “expensive” brand doesn’t mean they are getting anything better. I WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW THE TRUTH.

The fact if, you’re throwing your money out the window. Literally. You  are taking it, throwing it away, and happy about doing it. I’m not saying go out and buy what I tell you to buy, I’m simply saying that you have bought into a big lie. Do your research. HerbaLife protein isn’t  some special, magical protein and that’s why they can upcharge people by almost 5x the amount. No, they want you to think its a breakthrough product that answers all your weight loss problems. Fact is, save your money, do you research, ask questions, EDUCATE YOURSELF.

Please comment or let me know if you have questions on this. It’s a lot to take in – but honestly, I was so pissed off I had to write this.


14 thoughts on “Why HerbaLife Is Laughing All The Whey

  1. Hey cool blog! I just got done doing some research on protein powders and it turns out that 99.999 % of the time whatever the company puts on their packaging as the amount of protein per serving is not really accurate. Some companies are very close like Now Foods Whey Protein Isolate, research shows that they are at 90%. In other words their protein is at 90% of what they claim on their packaging.

    I didnt see Herbalife in the line up nor did I see Met Rx but this would be interesting to find out! Maybe Met Rx even beats out Herbalife in this area as well? Or vice versa?

  2. Thanks Fred! I was aware that this occurs but it’s crazy to see the actual numbers – Can you link me to this study? I’d be very interested to see the different brands and their breakdowns. The other problem with Herbalife is that the brand is very “exclusive” in terms of research. I haven’t found much in terms of scientific research/comparisons as to why someone should choose Herbalife over another product.

  3. What about the fact that herbalife is now marketing this shit to people in over ninety countries? Countries like Cambodia, where the average annual income is around $900 American dollars, yet you have tricksters convincing subsistence farmers to sell their water buffalo and get into the herbalife business opportunity? The poor farmers are left with crappy shake powder no one wants, their ‘upline’ (the guy who scammed them), has headed home to Australia or the USA with their money in his pocket. This scenario is happening every single day in countries like Lesotho, Namibia, Vietnam, the Philippines, etc.

    The FTC should act and put these evil bastards out of business.

  4. So many ignorant and biased statements here. The article compares 2 different TYPES of products. Next, you should compare apples to beef or vitamins to pudding to see which one is “better.” Of course one will “seem” better than the other with an unfair, one-sided comparison. You should be ashamed!

    A fight for fitness??? Instead of fighting, how about sharing (as long as it’s proper information)?

  5. I am not ashamed to have made this comparison – sure it isn’t perfect, but I was comparing Herbalife’s PROTEIN DRINK MIX if that was unclear anywhere in the text. (Oh, I even linked the ingredients pdf!)

    Can you elaborate on where you see MET RX and Herbalife’s PROTEIN DRINK MIX being two completely different types of products? How would a consumer know what the difference is?

    Also side note, since you didn’t read any of my other blog posts apparently: Fighting is merely based around my experience on finding my way through my own fitness journey. I think you took it too literal, relax.

    Thanks Sammy for your comment.

  6. the herbalife24 range ‘rebuild strength’ protein shake which you’re meant to take post gym has 25g of protein per serving. you were looking at the wrong product. get your facts straight before writing an article based on evidence.
    A customer knows the difference between the products because the website clearly explains what the different products are used for

  7. “get your facts straight” The herbalife24 range was launched September 2014. I wrote this blog post in February 2014. Do you see the problem with your comment?

  8. LOL!
    I myself admit to falling into this stupid herbalife shit. I even paid a “trainer” for 3 months because i wanted to enter a bikini competition. It was all bullshit! I have been maintaining my weight and have slowly been building muscle myself now than i did with that lady. I don’t spend a lot of money on herbalife products like i did before and I’m getting better results now. I take my vitamins a good protein shake after my workouts and i just try to eat right. Lots of nasty vegetables, yes nasty because i seriously hate vegetables and i try to stick to lean meats and I’m doing pretty good. I just wish my abs would just come out already lol.

  9. Hi Angie,

    The best thing you can do for yourself is LEARN! I never stop trying to improve my workouts or nutrition approach.

    I’m glad you are on the right track. Do you track your cals and macros? If you aren’t I highly suggest this. Depending on your goals, it might accelerate or prolong your results too. I track 6/7 days of the week, I try to track 7/7 but sometimes the day gets away from me. But so far, if I track I’m always holding myself accountable. Check out flexible dieting!

  10. A friend of my almost convince me of taking herbalife .
    I almost bought it .i need something for energy.
    I try to workout but my energy level is down

  11. Will you compare Mcdonalds and any other fast food restaurant…. I think a lot of Americans spend 1000 of dollars a year for food that is killing them… Someone should put them out of business…. BUT I think they make too MUCH money for the government or anyone else to care…. How can a $1 cheeseburger that looks the same for months be healthy for our bodies. There are tons of things all of the world to complain and compare that are not fair…. FIGHT FOR FITNESS , should start by taking these places away !!!

  12. Good breakdown of the numbers. I was recently introduced to Herbalife by a friend, and to be honest I got results…not specifically by the products, but the change in lifestyle that it helped me introduce. However, like you, I started to compare their products with other competitors and came to the same conclusion – ie Herbalife products are more expensive and less protein rich than the competitors (I now use Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey and it’s very similar to MET RX)….it basically all comes down to marketing, and Herbalife are very good at it.

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