Don’t lie to yourself, you love shiny new things. We all do.

I love shiny new gear, workout equipment and anything Rogue. I love my whey protein, my quest bars, my cookie butter, my grass fed cheese, butter and the high quality meats I buy. I even love my vitamin D, my fish oils and my awesome ice packs/heating pad/Epsom salt.

I especially love my nano 2.0s for lifting, my straps/belt, and my collars for barbells. I love my Flag Nor Fail shirts/sweatpants/protein shakers/etc – Ill buy just about anything Flag Nor Fail actually. I love my foam roller, my camelbak packs, my fancy Inov-8 running shoes and especially my yoga mat.

I guess we all have our vices – the things we love to spend our money on. If you don’t have three or more reasons to own something, then it is a waste of your money.

I’m trying to find a nice way to say this, but either way, I’m going to sound like a douche. But I have good intentions.


Okay – I had to get that off my chest. “But Shauna, you’re so angry.” 

I am angry. I’m angry that you are wasting your time, hard earned money, and best of all, your hard work.

Some people are spending $50-$300 dollars PER MONTH on this shit. Holy shit. I am literally blown away by the amount people that are willing to spend to find easier ways to lose weight. I first heard about this product from not one, but two people I coach.

If I’ve coached you, or you know me personally, you’ll know I shit on anything that auto-bills, auto-fills and auto-fucks your wallet.

It brings me back to “shiny things”. I’m not sure what the draw is for a lot of people, maybe some still think that “diets” in a box still work, or maybe it’s the hope they’ve found “the one” or maybe it was recommended to them by someone who’s lost “tons of weight”.

If you find yourself sitting there in shame for buying into this product, or something similar, then listen to me very carefully.

Everything you’re buying from this company comes in real food.

Let me break this down.

You’re buying someone’s auto-fix. Someone’s one-stop shop for diets, weight loss and most of all, bank account.

Take that amount that you’re spending on that “shipment” and apply to real food.

What is real food?
Locally raised Poultry, Beef, Chicken, Pork
Game meats from butcher shops/hunters
Wild Salmon/Fish
Vegetables from local farmer markets (which are actually cheaper than super markets by $0.50 – $1.00
Organic/Unprocessed nuts, seeds, cheeses
Farm Fresh Eggs, Milk, Cheese

All of this is more expensive than the market basket products you’ll find. But if you’re already spending 50-250 dollars extra a month on Herbalife, it would either even out OR BE CHEAPER than spending your money on powders, overpriced vitamins and weird water additives.

 “What the Science Says

Aloe latex contains strong laxative compounds. Products made with various components of aloe (aloin, aloe-emodin, and barbaloin) were at one time regulated by the FDA as oral over-the-counter (OTC) laxatives. In 2002, the FDA required that all OTC aloe laxative products be removed from the U.S. market or reformulated because the companies that manufactured them did not provide the necessary safety data.

Early studies show that topical aloe gel may help heal burns and abrasions. One study, however, showed that aloe gel inhibits healing of deep surgical wounds. Aloe gel has not been shown to prevent burns from radiation therapy.

There is not enough scientific evidence to support aloe vera for any of its other uses.”

So, why does this shit matter?
Good question. For one, because we’ve abandoned the need for good food (because it takes way longer to get it, prep it, cook it, etc), we’ve let the government come in and regulate our food for us. So that means we get our chicken from China, we get our beef washed with ammonia, and our pork gets pumped full of salt, nitrates, water and coloring. Wow, great trade off – just so we can buy Herbalife and pretend we’re getting healthy.

2nd – you’re wasting your fucking time and money. Stop over thinking this. Stop thinking you need shiny products to get you fit. All you need is good food, good recovery/sleep, a good training schedule to meet your goals, and the fucking will power and determination to get it done.

3rd – You’re teaching everyone else, and possibly your future children that it’s okay to be lazy. Yes, I know, that’s a bold statement. But hear me out. If you’re buying food that comes in all sorts of boxes, kids never really understand what food is. Food isn’t just calories or sugars, or carbs, or fats. It’s vitamins, minerals, and you know..stuff that keeps us going. By always cooking from a box or ordering take out then inhaling all these different supplements, you’re not really putting in the work that’s going to get you to a long-lasting road to health/fitness. You’re teaching yourself and everyone around you that it’s okay to just click the “order’ button rather than get up, do research, buy some high-quality foods, learning to cook them well, and get BETTER benefits from it all!

I’m not going to call anyone out – but I needed to express my feeling on these types of “diets” or “supplements”. It’s all up to you at the end of the day, and I’ll never knock ANYONE for trying to get healthier. But hopefully you  eventually realize that EVERYTHING you do in life, should be approached with determination and knowledge in hand. The better you are prepared, the better you are to judge, to be more accurate and to get better, long lasting results for yourself. Hard work is a lesson that is painful to teach, painful to learn and painful to maintain – but in the end, it’s the only approach that will produce the best results.

Stop ordering shit online, get to your local farm/butcher shop and start buying yourself GOOD QUALITY FOOD.

also, SCIENCE BITCH…just because.


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