“”The people that always want to start tomorrow, they never get shit done. Start today.” – John Welbourn, CrossFit Football Trainer Course”

Welcome to 2014.

I’ve unplugged the last month and it’s felt great. I like to do that every so often – take a long break from all social media and not really try to engage people via the internet. It also lets me sleep better, concentrate, and spend my time doing other things. I have been wanting to just deactivate my facebook altogether – but it helps get the word out about my training/coaching, so thats been the only chain that keeps me on there.

I spent my time training, with family, unwinding, fixing, cleaning, driving, meeting people, etc. It was great and it is something I wish I could be doing every day of my life. I love being on my own schedule, doing my own thing, coaching, visiting other gyms, supporting people – it’s amazing. But till my dream comes true..cough cough..I’m now back to work and trying to adjust to desk life. Although most of the time I am okay, I do get restless. I want to go slam some barbels around, then grab coffee, make lunch and update my blog. God, I sound like a spoiled brat. See what vacation does to me? Ugh 😉

But I’d like to share my progress as far as training goes. It’s been 12 weeks since I started the strength building phase and so I thought I’d put together my starting and finishing numbers:

It’s been 12 weeks total. 3 cycles + 3 deload weeks.
When I started this program on October 14th, 2013
Max Squat: 205# x 6
Deadlift: 225# x 1
Bench: 115 x 1
DB Shoulder Press: 50# x 7 reps
DB Chest Press: 55# x 1 x 10

As of yesterday in January 5th, 2014
Max Squat: 265# x 1
Max Deadlift: 275# x 1
Max Bench: 145# x 3
DB Shoulder Press: 55# x 1
Db Chest Press: 65# x 5

So I gained 60lbs on my squat, 50# on deadlift, 30lbs on my bench, 5lbs on DB shoulder presses, and 10lbs or more on my DB chest press.

I also started to do standing military presses, 70# DB farmer walks, supersetting shoulders/arms, glute bridges, interval rowing, heavy kettle swings, etc. I feel very strong, and I’m STILL PRing. We have ONE more cycle of this and we’re slowly transitioning into conditoning. We may or may not keep doing this program, it all depends on this last cycle and how it works with the increase of conditioning. The last thing I want is to feel beat up and sore all of the time. It also depends if the weight increases or if it feels better – hell we might do a powerlifting “meet” just for the fun of it before we start trail runs, outdoor training and sprints again.

Sunday was a brutal day of deadlifting: 5 x 5s. If you have ever been on a true strength building program, you would know that 5 x 5s are mentally brutal – especially when they sit at 85% of your max weight. Your max weight is a 1 Rep Max, which for me at the moment is 275. I calculated the 85% max of my 1 RM to 235lbs. I then groaned as the number appeared and instantly said “Shit.” I was officially afraid of my workout.

It went by as fast as a stint in jury duty goes. Slow. Fucking slow. Painfully, awfully slow. It was torture. By the fourth set of 235s x 5, I wasn’t sure if my ass/hips/everything could handle one more set. But I took a couple minutes break, and banged it out. Painful. Slow. Heart pounding. Form starting to break down. Tighten the abs. Try not to puke.

I loosened my belt. I sat down for a minute to reflect…err..try not to puke, and realized I still had deficits to complete. Fuck. Fuck me.

But I didn’t die. I didn’t bitch out. I did complain, but only in my head this time. I love to hate my workouts. But those deadlifts were a man maker.


Last night was shoulder and bicep work aka my weakness day. I felt shitty. I have my period, so I’m puffy, I’m tired, aggravated and all around not happy, but the difference was I wanted to be there. I put on some Texas In July and went to work. I didn’t stick to any set/rep count but most of it was super setting and very little rest. I had 45 minutes to fuck up my upper body.

The coolest thing in the world, is to see that hard work paying off. I was doing tri-sets of plate raises, rear delt raises and heavy shoulder presses and the separation in my shoulders was AMAZING. I did 40lb shoulder presses supersetted with 25# plate raises. I hated it, but man my delts feel like fire when I am done. But I stood up and realized how fucking awesome my shoulders/arms looked in the mirror. you could see the serrations in my delts just standing there. Holy tits. Wtf is that and why was I have a bad day?

We, as in the three amigos, headed back to my place and contemplated what exactly we were going to do for the next 6 months, as far as conditioning. We have a solid idea, a solid end game in place. And I’m going to do things right this time…NOT MORE, MORE MORE but smarter. I know I fucked up my knee/hip/it band last year. I pushed too much, too soon and my body fucking snapped back – I suffered for it for a while.

This Saturday I’m trying a 1 mile trail run to see how I feel. I’m going in with no expectations. No set mile time or distance. I’m just going to run and see how I feel.



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