I am writing a blog post on expectations and shit. Basically, I find myself doing it too, people have too many expectations that are either unrealistic or so obscure, they don’t matter to your long term goal. Or they are fucking stupid. I’m going to talk about how to pull yourself back from the edge and redefine proper expectations of yourself and others.

But just a quick update on my own training and life at the moment…

Thanksgiving was wonderful. I had 9.5 people at our little two bedroom apartment, but it was fun! Everyone fit, the food came out good…execpt that I totally cooked my 20# turkey upside down and backwards…also stuffing the neck. Haha!

I also shaved the left side of my head. Random to everyone else, yes, but not to me. I’ve been wanting to do it but some things held me back. This wonderful and badass woman helped me to just go for it and not give a fuck what people think. My boyfriend also loves it, so thats a plus. Moral of the story: stop giving a fuck what people think.


Yeah, I know I’m classy.

Training has been going great. I obviously went off CBL for a couple of days, but now I’m back on it. I’ve increased me cardio this time around to delplet my carbs sooner. At the moment I’m on my 3rd day. But man the extra carbs were sooooo good!!!! But I’m back to getting lean and staying strong..

Speaking of strong, I fucking squatted 255 Sunday for 1 rep. It was aawwweesooomeee. My previous 1MR was 225#. But after 4 more weeks of hard training and diet, I upped my max by 30#!!!

I felt a little tired Sunday and not as strong because I cannot take preworkout while CBLing, so I felt a little merr. But I tapped up, put my knee pad on, showed off my crazy hair, and went to work. The gym started off a little aggravating: mostly because crossfitters think they can take up a squat rack, walk across the gym and disappear into another whole area, then come back and expect their rack to be…theirs. I was nice this time to her, but not the next time. If you want to fucking do handstands in a totally different part of the gym and then come back and expect to squat and deadlift..guess what, go to a crossfit gym. Fuck off.

I used the aggravation and heres how my workout went:

Warm Up
50 Kettle Swings
1 x AMRAP w/Bar
135# x AMRAP

Working Sets
205# x 3 sets of 2
225# x 1
245 x 1
255 x 1 (the last set, I had some assistance coming back up)

Barbell Step Ups
18” box, 205# x 2 sets of 5 each leg

Pause Squats
205 x 2 (couldn’t do this safely), 185 x 3 sets of 5

55# DB Farmer Walks
Ham Curls

Then we ran out of time!! But man it felt AWESOME. I did not think I would get the 255# but with my guy there to assist my lift, I felt confident and then racked the weight!!!

I felt pretty good, but tired. I really wore myself out with the heavy lifting. The steps at 205 were my heaviest to date. Very tough, very exhausting for me. But the insane difference in my legs/quads is awesome. I see such a huge difference in muscle definition than months ago. I’ll have to compare photos too.

My knee still bothers me here and there but I found an amazing IT Band Stretch that works like magic for me. I do want to add some new exercise in however next cycle, especially the front squat to get stronger though..and I still need to continue to work on mobility and such. I think I’ll take out Barbell Step ups and switch in front squats to make things interesting.

Speaking of cycles, we are technically suppose to have a deload this week, but Corey is getting his tattoo worked on this coming Sunday, so we thought we work this week (week 7 technically) and then take a deload next week. I always hate deloads, but my body needs it. The training is now getting more intense and shorter.

Last night was some plyometric work. But it was shitty feeling. Traffic sucked, I was so burnt, but it was good for me to move around and sweat. It was a nice 30 minute workout and then we headed home to get some food and hit the hay. Also, if you’re a douche bag who doesn’t use blinkers on the highway, you suck…and I hope you get into an accident….not a serious one and no one gets hurt, but one that WAKES YOUR DUMB ASS UP…erm..moving on.

Today is max effort deadlifts.!!! We have a 90%, 95%, and max lift to do, then 80% AMRAP, then 50% AMRAP. Its going to hurt like a bitch but I’m ready to unleash the she-hulk tonight. Aka, Ovarian The Barbarian. Kudos if you know what that is from.

So I got up this morning at 4:15am, got to work at 6:15am, I work till 5pm, then I have to drive all the way to NH which I’ll probably get to around 7, work out for 1.5 hours, head home and bash my head against a plate full of food. My fucking brain is the one that suffers here. But I’m pushing all that aisde. I’m heading to Healthworks to get some stretching/foam rolling in for tonight, then doing some work there. And I’ve got about 50 ounces of coffee for today. I’m going to fucking kill it tonight…

I don’t want t jinx myself, but I’m going for a 275# deadlift tonight for 1. I upped my squat by 30#, so I think I can reach that for deads tonight. Maybe I’ll update tomorrow to let you guys know if I did it or not. 🙂



*Update: I didn’t reach 275# last night, but I did do 265# x 2. I could have hit 275#  but a lot of factors held me back from doing so.

The first set was 135# warm ups. I think I might decrease that later on just like I do for squats. But it went like this:

Sumo Deadlifts
135# x 12
225# x 1
245# x 1
265# x 2
AMRAP: 215# x 6 or 7

Deficit Pulls
AMRAP: 155#  to failure (around 15 I think?)

shrugs: 3 x 10-12
farmer walks 3 x 30s using 60# DBs
pullups: AMRAP x 3 sets

It felt great, but I was toast after. My grip isn’t failing as much as I thought it would, but goddamn, doing shrugs before farmer walks are brutal for me. I can tell I’m getting stronger though. I even upped my weight on shrugs to 115# each arm. I was sitting at 90# each arm for a while but crushed it last night.


So far this week I’ve PRed the following:
Squats: 255# x 1
Barbell Step-Ups: 205# x 2 sets of 5 at 18” box
Deadlifts: 265# x 2
Shrugs: 115# x 3 sets
Farmer Walks: 60# DBs x 3 sets of 30s

This saturday I’m finishing benching, then squats on sunday, and then its a deload week!!!


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