I’m a little sleepy.

I’ve started the prep phase for carb backloading, again. It takes a little bit for my body to deplete carbs and such. I’m on the fifth day and I’m still sleepy, but not as bad as the third day since I totally carbed up over the weekend.

I’m still yawning every 20 minutes despite me falling asleep at 8:50pm last night. Eesh. The worst is almost over, just gotta stick it out. I enlisted the help of Caitlyn Trout recently and got marching orders from her on how to start/approach carb back-loading effectively, so that’s been a huge help to actually have someone tell me what to do. It’s a nice change of pace!

I’ve noticed it has made me cranky though. I’ve tried to keep it to a minimum but it rears it’s ugly head sometimes and I catch myself a few moments too late. It’s also that time of the month, so I totally didn’t plan it very well. Low carb + period + female = perfect storm, poor Corey.

A few things that have made me happy: 250# deadlift x 2, new 6 Pack Bag & my coaching going pretty well. Corey has given me some ideas on how to expand and make it worth while for people. I think it’s only going to grow and I’m excited. I LOVE coaching people so far!!

Tonight is some car pushing which is going to be brutal, but tired or not, I’m excited! Besides hill sprints, it’s the only thing that makes me want to pass out. Last week we did 5 runs and I wanted to throw up after the fourth.

Tomorrow is benching, sunday is SQUAAATS. ugh I want to do heavy squats again, so damn baaaaaad. I maxed at 225# x 3 two weeks ago, and I’m itching to go heavier. I know I can!! GRRRR! The 250# deadlift just fires me up. I actually bruised my thighs pretty good because of the scraping of the bar, thankfull it’s cold out, so I don’t have to explain bruises on my shins and thighs anymore. Ooops!

This weekend I have three clients to meet, pretty excited. I also have a laundry list, literally, of chores to get done. Mainly, I have to focus on cleaning for Thanksgiving. We are having family over at our tiny place, so I need to have the 2nd bedroom done, as well as all our clothes somehow organized. I took off a few days for T-giving, and boy am I looking forward to it…as well as some fucking carbs!!!


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