Do you jump up? Yell in excitement? Or walk it off like it was no big deal?

Sunday ended my first cycle of three weeks on, one week off. I was skeptical at first with this routine because I’m use to doing a high amount of volume, as well as deloading every 8 weeks. Yeah, so now I know why I was always in pain, stiff, and tired. My body just cannot handle that amount of work ALL OF THE TIME.

Each of week of my training, I focus on one max effort day among other days for deadlifts and chest. It’s a powerlifting approach, but I have modified it for athletics.

It was hard for me to work in percentages because I want to go heavy all of the time -but for once in my life, I wanted to actually follow directions. And I did. I recruited my boyfriend and my friend Jay to try it with me. They were very weary at first, but persuaded them after explaining that bodybuilder style of training is making us slow, bored and beat the fuck up.

I started Sunday off not feeling confident. My knees ached, my wrists were bothering me and I was just cold. My brother ended up canceling on me, my boyfriend felt crappy, and my friend went to the Pats game. I was fucking aggravated because I really wanted to legs hard, before deload. But I had no spotter. Still I went.

Whatever. I made sure my guy was feeling okay as he pressed me to go and get my work done. I knew I couldn’t miss the last day, so I eventually got ready, kissed him and headed out.

It was cold, the sun was going down, but I was fired up. I spent the afternoon icing my knees, taped my wrists and chugged pre-workout. I walked in feeling weird because I always have at least my boyfriend with me, but more often than not, two-three other people but I felt good.

I set my playlist and warmed up for the lifts.

Squats were first, 5 sets of 2.
Squat Warm up: bar x 20, 70# x 15, 135# x 6 (slow and deep, har har you perverts).
Working Sets: 185# x 2, 205# x 2, 215 x 2, 225# x 2, 225# x 1

Barbell Step-Ups: 155# x 8, 175# x 6, 185# x 4 each leg.
Pause Squats: 155# x 6, 175# x 2 x 6

DB Farmer Walks: 55# each hand, x 3 trips
Back Extensions: 35# x 3 x failure

I took my time warming up – not pressuring myself with time or other people. I relaxed and worked on my breathing. I don’t care how silly I sounded, because I felt so great.

The weight went down and I came up – three mother-fucking times. BAM.

I knew I could do it. I was determined to let the fear go. My knees felt great, my wrists felt strong and I knew I had the power behind me to push the bar back up. I hit three reps of 225#, set the bar back onto the rack, and walked away. The confidence I had never allowed me to second guess if I could do it.

Get real guys – shit may seem impossible when you look at things in too big of a picture. Set those shorter goals and baby step your way to kicking more ass.


As a reminder – I’m offering online and in person coaching! I cover a wide variety of topics, FAQs and basically anything you want to know about nutrition, health, fitness and mobility. Get at it here.


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