First: If you like to hit the weights heavy, and need some new music: BEAST, BITCHES! BUY IT!

Second: The blog image is dedicated to Caitlyn Trout, a female powerlifter. If you don’t know who she is, you’re lame. Also, the image is not my own – so check out her and her team!

Third: Life is good. This weekend I saw two great people tie the knot. I ate chocolate, lifted, and ran around like a crazy person doing errands. Now I’m 100% broke till Monday. But, hey, it was fun while it lasted.

Well, I guess I can’t really say I’m doing a paleo type diet. Although I’m still keeping the lessons I’ve learned from it, I can’t call it something it isn’t. I’ve grown a lot this past year with my training and diet, and I think this is one-step further into learning about my body, nutrition, and training, and how it all works together.

I’ve been itching to try this since it keeps popping up and I’ve done some extensive research, so today was a little bit of a dry run to see how I would feel. And I can tell you, its not going to be easy.

For the next ten days, I will be embarking on a new direction with my nutrition. The short term goal is to be introduced to Carb Backloading. The long term goal is to lose more fat, but maintain strength and performance. Paleo was a good starting point, because  not only did it help me lose weight, but it also opened my eyes to how badly I felt on some foods. Although, since I do high volume training, the lack of carbs did wear me out after several weeks, even with refeeds. You could argue I didn’t eat enough on reefed days, but lets just say I’m trusting my instinct and body on this one 😉

I won’t give all the details since it took me a while to get everything down on paper for me to stick to, but I’m sticking with a fat-loss caloric range as well. I’m not changing a whole lot, only the lack of carbs.

After those ten days, which ends the night of Oct. 26th, it will be a slightly different story. On Oct 27th, which is a Sunday, I get to introduce a larger amount of carbs into my diet after training!! This means I get to have poptarts, lots of brown rice, sweet potato and sugared oatmeal, etc.

Ten Day Prep:

5:00am:  Coffee + Coconut oil, Butter, Heavy Whipping Cream

11:00am:  Coffee + Heavy Whipping Cream

12:00pm: Summer Squash + Chicken

3:00pm: Bell Pepper + Chicken

5:30pm: Whey + Unsweetened Almond Milk  + Coffee
7:30pm:  Whey + Unsweetened Almond Milk

8:30pm: Beef + Bacon


Carb Backloading:

5:00am:  Coffee + Coconut oil, Butter, Heavy Whipping Cream

11:00am:  Coffee + Heavy Whipping Cream

12:00pm:  Summer squash + Chicken

3:00pm: Bell Pepper + Chicken

5:30pm: Whey + Almond Milk  + Coffee (pre workout)
7:30pm:  Whey + Almond Milk + 2 Poptarts (post workout)

8:30pm: Beef + Sweet Potato + Brown Rice, etc

Except rest days. Rest days will have smaller carb intake the night before, with upped fats.


I’m always open to suggestions, criticism, questions, etc. I’m still learning so I’m very welcome to others’ input!!!

Besides nutrition, my training is also winding down so I can start a new schedule soon. I’m finishing out the week before I start a new re-vamp of everything. My goal as always is to: leaner, stronger, faster.

The nutrition must look a little crazy, but I promise it all sits at a great caloric level. As always, I will be adjusting based on how I feel – but I’m sticking with the first 10 day prep for carb back loading. I’m going to really try to post everyday so I can document how I feel, whats easy, whats hard, etc. Maybe I’ll journal it on the side, then give you guys the details all at once? We’ll see!!

But I’m so fucking excited to start this, as well as getting rid of the bodybuilder style training. No more of that shit. I’m onto bigger and better things. I’ve never been the ellptical type girl, and now I see the error of thinking the bodybuilder style workouts were just making me SLOW. But no more, I’m about to tear it up now. 😉


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