I’m going to really force this blog post. I haven’t updated because frankly, there’s no reason. I use to publicly blog my shit, but then I lost interest. How I keep my self accountable has changed now from how I use to do it. Regardless, looking back at some of my training, I can see the progress I’ve made over the past year. It’s been awesome. Even with two injuries to my legs (shin and knee/hip), I’m still going and making big changes happen.

This summer flew by though. It felt…blah. I couldn’t trail run most of it because of my knee/hip, but now that’s starting to get better, I look forward to Fall running!!

I ran the Amesbury Spartan Race and came in 59 in my age group which was pretty cool. I know I can do much better over all though. Lately I’ve been following a volume vs strength type of training. I do a segment of just strength and intervals/plyo work, and then volume with increased endurance training. It’s hard to balance because no matter what, I’m beat up by rest day. I don’t think I was training smart before, and that’s why the knee/hip injury happened. Now, I’m much more aware of my body, the mechanics and how important rest, preventive work and mobility actually is. It’s amazing what you learn from pain. 😉

I didn’t think my shin would get any better. I would beat myself up for it and be in tears of defeat after a sucky run. I remember walking to my car several times off the trail, and thinking I was totally fucked, that is was the end of the road and I should probably just give up this never ending pursuit of fitness.

But then I stopped thinking. And started doing.

My knee injury happened because I was naive about proper running form, mobility work, flexibility/stability, and how isometric exercise can help greatly. Or I’m getting fucking old at the ripe age of 24 and refuse to slow down at all. Oh ffuuccck it.
But now I’m fighting back yet again. I had no issues during the race, even going up and down steep hills with a sandbag. I had no issue the day after either, and that was a big surprise. I know it’s because I wasn’t thinking at all, I was just doing, smiling, and getting muddy. I’m now doing a trail run every week, but scaled it down to 1-3 miles depending on how I feel. I focus on running strong rather than mileage. I want to power my way through the run rather than drag my feet, and I know that will only come in time.

Speaking of the race, it was fantastic. I beat my time by almost 15 minutes over last year. I failed only two obstacles (I’m not counting the Javelin, I count those burpees as an obstacle itself). I failed the traverse wall which pisses me off. I was doing great, but sadly my left hip isn’t as flexible as I’d like it and I fell, two blocks from the end. Next year, that bitch is mine. And so isn’t that rope.

Right now I’m in my strength portion of training. That means strong lifts and plyo/met con work – quick, effective and heart pounding shit. So far I’m loving it. We started in “Stamina”  or “Volume” which is okay, it wears on you when you love to lift heavy naturally. But its a necessity!!!

Week 1 / Cycle 1 of Strength
Max Squat: 205# x 6
Deadlift: 225# x 1, 215# x 6
Bench (I don’t really bench) 125 x 6
DB Shoulder Press: 50# x 7 reps
DB Chest Press: 55# x 1 x 10
DB Single Arm Rows: 50# x 1 x 6
Single Leg Press: 190# x 6
Unassisted Pull-ups: 1 x 4

So, those numbers are current. I’m counting these numbers only, nothing in the past. I’m rebuilding a foundation and it all starts with heavy ass deads. But I know I can squat more. I KNOW IT!!!

My current strength schedule looks like this:

Sunday – Heavy Legs
Monday – Shoulders/Triceps, Recovery cardio or 15-20 minutes moderate
Tuesday – 30-40 minute cross training intervals(bike, rower, step climber, not as intense as Metcons), ab work.
Wednesday – Deads / Back
Thursday – AM Met con, PM 30-40 minute cross training and ab work.
Friday – OFF / Rest / Foam Roll
Saturday – AM Trail Run, PM Chest/Biceps, and ab work.

My Volume schedule Looks like this:
Sunday – AM Trail run, PM Legs: light rest, heavy reps baby
Monday – AM Met Con, Shoulders/Triceps
Tuesday – Agility/Foot work, Sprints
Wednesday – Deads / Back: light rest, heavy reps baby
Thursday – AM Met con, PM 60 minutes cross training and ab work.
Friday – OFF / Rest / Foam Roll
Saturday – AM Trail Run, PM Chest/Biceps, and ab work.
Just to define” Metcons” for everyone, its a very fast paced circuit basically. Go as hard as you can for about 15-20 minutes tops or for a certain amount of reps, etc.
I did a simple one yesterday: 21-15-9 or Box Jumps, Kettle Swings, Burpees. So, 21 box jumps, 21 kettle swings, 21 burpees, 15 box jumps, 15 kettle swings, 15 burpees, 9 box jumps, 9 kettle swings, 9 burpees.

You’ll be drenched in sweat if you’re doing it right. 🙂



Ladies, listen up….

I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum: fat, skinny and lean. What I’ve never been is strong. I’m starting to taste that strength, and it’s fucking unreal. Squatting 200lbs, with your heart beat in your ears, your mirrored self glaring back at you and your mind screaming to get the weight back up, is probably the quietest moment of the week. I hear nothing. I see nothing but the weight going up and down. I can’t even feel my boyfriends hands on my sides just in case he needs to help me up. But what I can feel is this bar digging into my traps, nesting it’s way in the muscle and leaving a nice burn mark to remind of the weight. My ass and hams are almost numb. I feel nothing on the way up, but the power surging through my heels, up my body and then magically… up goes the weight. 6 reps and the bar slams on the rack. And there it is. A PR.

The sudden rush of life comes back and my heart rate shoots up. I get a little dizzy from pushing so hard and not breathing 100% correctly. But I put my hands on the bar, and catch my breath. The sounds of the gym flood back in and I hear chatter, the faint music, the weights slamming and my partners exchanging orders to each other.

I step away and put my hands on my hips, shuffling my feet slightly to make sure I didn’t break myself. I just did 205 for 6 reps. And embarrassingly enough, I didn’t think I could do it. My guy actually talked me into adding the extra weight.

The rest of the workout isn’t as interesting, although legs are fun, I only show up for the squats. And I’m early when it’s heavy squat day.

Ladies, go heavy. Don’t wimp out. Don’t be shy. Don’t think you aren’t good enough. Get the words “Can’t. Bulky. Toned. Fit. Maybe. Try. Hope” out of our training vocab and get to fucking work.


One thought on “You’ve got nothing to lose

  1. Yay! I’m happy you are back and it seems like you had an awesome summer even without running as much as you’d like! I was pretty pumped to see your blog pop up in my reader. So excited that you found a module for training that’s going to leave you injury free and able to get out on the trails like you love. As always, keep lifting fucking heavy! Xo!

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