I keep writing shit down and then not posting, why? Because I’m easily distracted. I’ll try to keep on track this time. I’m a bitch.

June has been good. 

I turned 24, although I still catch myself saying I’m 23. Actually a few months ago I drunkenly claimed I was 18. Clearly, it was the whiskey talking. But right now I’m thinking about how I got to 24 and the path that lead me here. But as I think about it, it’s hard not to just think that whats in front of you happened, just because. (I  don’t think it is a sad thought, but just a lot of times, things are out of your control.)

So I stopped dwelling on all that shit about what life goals I need to accomplish, wants I have, buying houses and being an adult. I don’t want to be an adult. I do however want to keep my kitchen spotless and cook bacon all day, oh and go trail running and lift heavy shit. Inside, I still feel like an 18 year old still trying to find what makes me happy, and man does it change. And I’m at peace with that. I feel like people work so hard all of the time for these goals, and then all of sudden your life is over with. And what do you have? A pile of money?

Luckily, one thing that has been consistent is the support from my closest friends and family. My boyfriend is one of biggest supporters, and somehow we’ve managed to work through all of life’s funny moments together…of course they are funny when it’s over (like the fact we forgot to setup our electric through national grid for two months). My mother and my brother have been through it all with me the past year without my father, and I honestly don’t know what I would do without them. My mom is my best friend. We’ve become so close that she can call me a cunt for putting ice down her back, and hysterically laugh that she just called me that. And that’s okay.

So sappy shit aside, I have seriously grown up without actually becoming a boring adult.

Lately it’s been a lot of training, writing, learning, eating, food prepping and being out in the sun. Although I still have a day job, I somehow have manged to fit everything together nicely. In other words, I’ve become efficient. I’m slowly learning I cannot do everything, and that if I try to force things together, I will be the only one stressed out. So, I’ve been paying close attention to my promises and keeping my word, but also having fun.

This month, my training is focusing on metabolic conditioning for race time. April & May were big strength months for me. Although, my favorite workout so far has been:

Heavy compound upper body lifts (back, chest, shoulders, arms), THEN:

500m row AFAP 1:56
pushups to failure x time of previous row
500m row AFAP 2:02
pushups to failure x time of previous row
500m row AFAP 2:08
pushups to failure x time of previous row

After this workout last night, my shoulders were fucking jacked as fuck. (totally acceptable as a description). I grinned every time I looked in the mirror. I couldn’t believe how strong I looked and how good I felt with my heart pounding my ears and the sweat pouring from  my face. It was so satisfying that today is a day off to hang out with some friends and have some nachos.

I’ve also been writing up a fat loss book, if you will. It’s more of things I’ve learned or picked up along the way that have worked very well for fat loss, but keeping muscle & endurance. Its a fine line and very hard to do, sometimes the progress is slow, and then other times I put on old jeans I couldn’t fit into and they magically slide right on. I’m very excited about it since

So, I’ll be up front and honest: I’m doing paleo. Yes, 30 day paleo challenge with a coworker was needed to celebrate my birthday. The challenge started June 10th and ends July 10, which is my dads birthday. So I know most of the people that read my blog is familiar with Paleo, but if you aren’t, please read here. Robb Wolf is probably the best person to ever reference to on the Paleo Diet.

I have gone low carb before, and it worked wonders. I got to my goal of 120lbs and still eating 1900 cals a day. Today, although I don’t know my weight, I’m not that lean 120lbs, but I am on that same diet and feel fantastic. I’ve  tweaked my nutrition and have so far kept it 98% paleo. I say 98% because I had chocolate milk after my training yesterday because  I drank my protein shake waaay earlier in the day. And also, tonight is nacho night. Aka Refeed day. Ooops. Even though I’m doing Paleo, I still believe in refeeds. I’ve done it in the past, and again, it worked wonders. I’m lucky to have the references of my last fat loss too on here because I documented how I felt if I was getting too low in carbohydrates and when I knew I had to refeed. So today is the day where I get to go have a plate of chicken nachos, a big salad and some chocolate milk. It’s not a cheat day, it’s a “refeed” meal. okay..maybe it’s a little bit of a cheat meal. But hey, the results I have so far and how I feel on Paleo somehow feels better than eating shit all of the time. I enjoy the bacon, the large amounts of awesome salads, avocados, almond butter, lots of yummy chicken recipes, etc. I actually FEEL so much better.


*Some of this blog was written yesterday. So when I say “tonight is nacho night”, that was Thursday night.. 🙂

Also I’ve been using the Sleep Cycle app the past two nights. Take a look:

TuesJune18-19 TuesJune19-20ThursJune20-21

The first graph shows what my pattern looks like when I do not workout before bed.

Second graph, I had a very heavy workout where the thought of puking wasn’t far from my mind. You can see where I basically got into bed and passed the fuck out.

Third graph is what happens when you drink alcohol and try to sleep. I hit Deep Sleep ONCE and then tossed and turned the rest of the night.

Cool huh? I have to get 5 days in a row for it to determine for info from my sleep. It will probably say I need more sleep, period. But tonight I have training, so I promise the graph will look very interesting saturday morning since I plan on sleeping atleast 10 hours. 🙂

Also, today is a two-a-day and also a massage. Yep, its the shit. HAPPY FRIDAY, GO KICK SOME ASS!

Also, for the main pic of this blog, please see the photographer here: Metcon Photography


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