Last night, after a lifting session, Corey and I were sitting on the couch, slowly eating dinner and trying not to fall asleep at 8:30pm.

I just got out of the shower, and he was trying to motivate himself to get up and do the same. Why so sleepy?
Work. And I don’t just mean “work”. I mean, WORK!

We aren’t on a 30 day plan. Or a 60 day body cleanse drink diet. Or a weight watchers program.

Its going to sound mean, I know that. I’m fully aware I’m going to piss people off, especially people who I know have good intentions of trying to get fit and lead a better life.


I get all kinds of questions. Mostly it’s about diet or routines. Man, I wish people realize just how difficult that one little request is to fulfill.

Everything comes down to self-motivation, a reason to work.

There’s a reason we are up at 4:15am, eating breakfast, packing gym bags and backpacks with food and clothes for the day. There’s a reason we aren’t home till 7-8:30pm some nights, exhausted, sweaty, hungry, sleepy, etc. There’s a reason we don’t drink on the weekdays and don’t go to hooters on a Thursday nights like people are our age should be doing. Before you judge us about not having any fun, well, anyone who knows us knows that we have a different version of fun. Fun is working, working hard. Fun is sweating in the sun with your friends, flipping tires, sprinting and carrying heavy objects. Fun is doing suicides while your “teammates” are cheering you on to go faster. Fun is lifting more weight than the week before. Fun is a campfire with family in the mountains after a day of boating, hiking, swimming, etc.

Fun is being active. We have our lazy days, but they are earned.

We want to work. We want to succeed in our goals. And you can’t do that if everything but that goal comes first.
There is only so much in your day you can concentrate on. You have to decide at some point what is more important, partying or getting shit done. It has taken me a while to get in this mind set. And I’ll be honest, I’m so stubborn that the lazy life was hard to give up and accept the cold, hard reality  that in order to get what I want, I have to be disciplined in my approach. Whatever you goal is, no program or fad diet or video will get you there, if you don’t have the will power and discipline to do it. There is a moment every day where you decide exactly what you’re going to do. You make the choice, and most of the time, people have a justification for it or an excuse. The problem is, when you start doing this, you start digging yourself a hole.

That choice is called “The Easy Way Out”.
You make it, you feel bad at first, but then justify for the rest of the day/time why it was the right choice.
And then it’s over.

I am faced with that choice at 5pm or sooner (depending on the day) of what I want to do. Do I skip the gym because I can’t keep my eyes open? Well, no. I suck it up and do everything possible to get my ass there. Am I always the best workout partner? Probably not. Sometimes I get distracted. Sometimes I talk too much. Sometimes I have zero energy in me and all I want to do is lie face down on the floor and nap.

But I get there. I get it done. Plain and simple: The easy way is the EASIEST way to fail.

The work is hard. You have to prep your meals, your workout gear, shower an insane amount, work hard, sweat a lot, do shit when you are tired, sore, sick, sleepy, hungry, angry. GET OVER IT. I’m not fucking around when I say this is a lifestyle. If being “fit” is your goal, it’s a lifestyle. WHY IS IT A LIFESTYLE? Because too many people from too many different places have determined the outcome of your success.

What the hell does that mean? It means there are all sorts of people and things working against you, hoping you fail and stay fat/unhappy/addicted to shitty food/sick.

  • Fast food companies want you to eat their product.
  • Friends want you as big or as unhealthy as they are.
  • Coworkers don’t want you working harder than them.
  • Doctors want you sick so they can make more money.
  • Insurance companies dont make money if you arent sick.
  • Fitness celebrities endorse products so they get paid and you get hooked.
  • Gyms want to keep you fat. (see planet fitness)
  • Fat burners make false promises, so you spend more money trying more products, which make you feel like failures…very poor failures.

Well, fuck ALL that.

  • You have to get up earlier to get to the gym/track/living room/trails – BOOHOO
  • You have to spend more time cooking than you would like – BOOHOO
  • You have spend a little more money on healthy food – BOOHOO
  • You can’t drink – BOOHOO
  • You have to be prepared for your day – BOOHOO
  • You have to work hard, sleep less, eat better – BOOFUCKINGHOO

I don’t feel bad for you. You have the FREEDOM to all of those things, yet most of the time I see people coming up with more excuses and easy way outs than doing ANY of those things. There is no cleanse or diet or video or motivational picture on someones Facebook wall that will get you there. The ONLY thing that will get you there is HARD FUCKING WORK.


Now that I got out my aggravation, I will list what hard work is, so you can compare what you may be doing already.

Saturday starts early. Corey gets up around 6:30am to get ready for football. I get up to throw laundry together, put on my hot water, and start making breakfast. We goof off, but slowly get ready for the day. Hes out the door at 7:30am with a full gym bag and his drinks. Laundry, cleaning, food, and PT work since I’m trying to fix my knee is on the agenda lately. I gear up and go for a run. Come home, eat, ice down, we go food shopping/do other errands, make dinner and do whatever we have planned for the rest of the day.

Football games are in Boston. We are up early, and in the city in am. I get home around 11am, make protein/lunch, then its off to the gym or field. Come home, shower, then start meal prepping for the week. I’m done by 6/7pm. I then plan my workout gear for the week as we do laundry. Whatever time is left is spent together or at a family’s house for dinner.

It’s early. 4:15 am early. I make coffee, Cor showers, eats oatmeal, and we grab a few minutes together watching the news. We then grab our shit and we’re out the door for the day. Work till 4pm. Get to the gym/field at 5:30pm for either the first or second time of the day, depending on the schedule. Home by 7-8pm, eat dinner, ice, stretch, clean lunch containers and small prep for the next day. Shower. Whine about going to bed, then finally give in.

This continues all week. We get about 6-7 hours of sleep a night, after a while, it wears you out.

Thursday is usually my off day from training, so I spend it at my moms for dinner after work for a couple of hours.

The day Corey and I get to stay up late, or go out after the gym, or veg out/play video games together. By Friday, we’ve usually done 2-4 double days and want nothing more than to do nothing and relax. But then Saturday rolls around, and it’s time to get more work done.


Our schedule has been like this for several months. We allow ourselves time off when we mentally need it. Sometimes, when the soreness just won’t go away, or we get sick or we are completely run down, we give ourselves time to relax and rest. We have our fun, our time with friends and celebrate our progress.

I want to see more people working hard than giving excuses. I want to see more people excited about lifting, running, jumping, competing, swimming, playing, climbing than sitting in front of facebook, the tv or your computer monitor. I want everyone to feel better about themselves.

But that won’t happen, unless YOU decide if you’re going to go past normal & average, and work your ass off to achieve your goals. No more fucking around.


And now, for my girls that work out or need an extra push…

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