Yesterday I did 170# Squat for 5 reps was kick ass.
Throwing up 45# DBs on my shoulders for some presses, also felt amazing.
The 135# SLDLs felt pretty cool.

My IT Band feeling tight and sore like I got kicked in the knee by a horse? Nope, not kick ass, NOT amazing and really not cool.

I knew it was bound to happen. I do hills, trails, sprints…and my body didn’t like it.

I’m taking some time off from all the running. My legs need a break. I feel human and I don’t like it.
That sounds silly, but injuries and pain bring you down a notch and it hurts your momentum a little bit, it also messes with your mind, especially when you’re already stressed.

The worst day was last Saturday, running trails I got 1.5 miles into my run, and I was done. I knew it. Pain, tightness, swelling..and the almost uncontrollable urge to punch someone in the face.

With the IT Band acting like a C You Next Tuesday, I’m taking it out on heavy weight. So tonight is back and chest. And I’m going to explore my max weights with a belt and lifting straps.

That means bent rows, single arm rows, pull-ups, bench pressing, pushups, flys and lots and lots of heavy metal.


On a personal note, life is just peachy. Boston is getting back to normal, besides the occasional visit from Mr. Vice President in the middle of Copley. And it doesn’t seem to faze people anymore when they see the secret service, nope.

My move is still on for next Thursday. Corey and I put in some time packing this past weekend and we’re almost ready.  Excited too! Mattress shopping this weekend : – )

The boys won their football game! (My guy is the one in the middle, blue and black compression)
Small, Medium, Large
3 Mile run! Happy Boy!
Injured, but still going at it…smartly. Kick ass.


2 thoughts on “This Is Why I Rock

  1. Oh boy – working around an injury sure sucks but I guess it’s humbling at the same time. Best wishes on your move, and awesome squat 🙂

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