I just wanted to do a mini update on how things have been rolling.

5 days clean eating so far! And I’m feeling amazing.  No cheating, no wanting to cheat and feeling full, all while seeing the tops of my abs this morning. OH BOY!

I’ve been working very hard, that scaled back week really helped me. Last night we upped the super sets to 4! So we did 5 super sets last night x 4, badass. Even on shoulder presses, after I did back and chest, I still put up 40# DBs for 8 reps. DAMN.

We also did 30 get-ups, each side. I used a 12# DB after the 4 rounds of 5 supersets. My arms were on fire. Felt fan-fucking-tastic.

Yesterday’s run down was:
PM 1 : Athletic Training x 30 min (think Met Con, plyo movements)

PM2: Upper Body x 1.5hr
10 minute warm up
SS: DB Bench Press + Incline Bench Press x 4 (35#, 30# x 11)
2 min rest + stretch
SS: Pullups + Bent Rows x 4 (Bent Rows 60# x 12, 55# x11, 50# x 2 x 12)
2 min rest + stretch
SS: Shoulder Presses + Bent Flys x 4 (SP 30# x 14, 35# x 11, 40# x 8, 35# x 11)
2 min rest + stretch
SS: WG + NG Pull Downs x 4 (75-90# x 11-14)
2 min rest + stretch
SS: Pushups + Dips x 4
Get-Ups: 12, 10, 8 x 12# DB

Cardio 10 minutes

Tonight is footwork, drills, sprints – mainly working hand and eye coordination & footwork. It’s sunny out and I’m so excited. My guy is doing them as well, and we haven’t had a chance to work out directly together since our schedules are kind of opposite. I got my gear, and I’m heading right to the field after work.

As far as life goes, it’s all good. We are slowly trying to pack and get started on what we want to move and what we want to donate and throw out…it’s a total mess. I have a feeling our place is going to be trashed until we actually move out – eeek!

Keep kicking ass, badasses 🙂


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