There really isn’t a reason for me to update – but I know for I need to in order to keep myself accountable.

Since my last update, a few things have happened.
– Finally got our apartment, things have been crazy organizing the move! (shopping, organizing, packing)
– I took a “rest” week, which really was a scaled back week. Instead of 8 workouts, it was 4.
– Work has been crazy busy, that in itself is exhausting.
– Organizing a new routine for this week, switching gears for training.

Last week, I just felt beat. I was exhausted, frustrated, stressed, but it all came together and my hard work paid off. I’m back 🙂

This week, Monday was a double day filled with athletic training as well as a completely different lifting routine. It was fast paced, exhausting and really different from what I have been doing. The first couple of months of this year was focused on strength, now it’s power and speed. It was a total upper body meltdown, I was sore for at least two days. But even though it was supersets and a lot of speed, I still go to throw up 35#s for shoulder presses. YEAH.

Tuesday was rest day.

Wednesday was a PT Run of sorts. It was short, but its something I know I can work on to go harder. It was burpees, pushups, running 400m, etc. We finished it off with triceps and a full ab routine.

Thursday was a hill training day, hill intervals for 40s, 20s recover for 12 minutes. Then it was get-ups and more burpees.

Today is more of conditioning day. Its a lot of kettlebell work, jump roping, and more burpees. It’s actually getting easier to TOLERATE burpees.

Saturday is leg day, lighter as far as weight, but quick, explosive work.

Sunday is field work & drills. There is still snow on the ground, but I think I’m heading out to the field with the guys if they have a practice. If not, I’ll be doing some serious cardio and ab work.

I’ve also committed to be strict with my diet, and eating clean. There’s a big difference to eating “healthy” and eating “clean”. I’ve taken on a two-week challenge. I can only eat clean, non-processed, made in america foods. Sounds funny, but it’s something I wanted to challenge myself with for a while now. It’s also sort of therapeutic  I have to almost meditate to get over some cravings. I have to really dig deep inside myself to say “no” and walk away. I’ve done it before, I know I can do it again. It’s a sort of detox – my only goal in life was to never be typical, so I can’t eat typical. Today marks the 2nd day into the challenge, and so far so food. I’m still keeping my macros in check: 40/40/20 – as well as a proper caloric balance.


Other non-training shit

Tonight is when my dog’s stitches come out. Two weeks ago, my dog ripped open his pad and needed several stitches as well as a good chunk of my savings. But luckily, it wasn’t too serious and he’s the same goofy little boy, like always.

Corey is starting flag football again – I have to say I’m so damn excited. I love when he’s in his competitive mode, because he is really dedicated and driven. He is kicking ass in the gym and on the field, and I can’t wait to see him play. His attitude actually makes me more competitive because even when hes exhausted, he keeps going till the work is done. He’s the only guy I know who wants everyone around him to better, to be stronger, to be faster – and compete with him.

So our Sundays are going to be fucking crazy. After the snow melts, we have football games, obstacle training, and the normal food prep/recovery/laundry day! But I wouldn’t trade it for the world, it’s how I love to live.

The beginning of May we’ll be moving to our new place, so I’ve taken some time off from work to get that started as well as taking time to setup our place. I CAN’T WAIT TO HAVE OUR OWN KITCHEN SPACE. Corey and I have been slowly plugging away at the things we need, but more of it won’t really happen till we get into the space and start organizing our lives together, ALONE. It’s something I think we have been needing for ourselves, and I’m excited to make the jump. We’ve been living together with family for about a year and a half. All of our new stuff is slowly starting to take over my old room at my moms – hehe. She’s been so awesome helping me out.
Besides that, I have my head down and I’m just working  away. I’ve been in a great mode since my rest week, and I’m pumped for the next couple of months – lot of stuff is changing and I’m excited. 🙂


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