I’m really not in the mood to write, so instead I’ll just upload some kick ass photos.

But first, just a run down to keep my accountable for the week:
Monday  – starting using 40s for single arm rows. Working up to 45s. I learned jumping lunges hurt, a lot.
Tuesday  – Recovery day since Monday was brutal double day. I need a recovery supplement or something. My quads were in pain, even just foam rolling. Jumping lunges suck.
Wednesday – Felt like shit all day. I did get to do Chest & Triceps, but it was rough. However I did get 40s in the air for DB presses.
Thursday  – Today is another double day. I have athletic training at 2, and then intervals and a full ab routine.
Friday – Possible a rest day, depends on how I feel. I’d like to get shoulders done at least.
Saturday – I plan to sleep till 9, ice down, hit the trails to warm up my legs, then destroy them at the gym with squats.
Sunday – This might possibly be an outdoor workout, either hills or tire flipping fun.

With that, here are some bad ass photos / motivational shit:
e9a8f0b61f17bcb1e5d673040814d043f9a7873055b05ced72dc9f8e075c2118  74af8eef4755226c65f4839d1737fadc aaa662fd0e7e23cb5dc317adde2c9563 5a3c619228be754acd950fc31525697f c0f3a0479b4a593da7e2840082eb58db b03603bde8ef68a4eca4ac0ca153eb9f 9b3d0813560f2995178f7ce6c32cb68c 6bb32e3bf4fbd8cca31024df492db0cc b5b466abd20c615ef3471b0853f34a40 ee18b86c5911bac9828a67b3a565fc4d b5b371e3ea220bcd258328c893e8028f 9accffb99923479801db266d91fb91ad e9ea7957b0eda7b61a3bbe0be62e65a9 resizeimage (2) resizeimage (1) resizeimage 808eb5b8cf4ca80c674d415159e491b0 eaa5860d6cc05a78da802bac660bb08f Workout-Motivation 8201049983_ce3f9bcae6_b Tough-Mudderweb- Screen shot 2012-04-11 at 1.37.45 PM


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