Tomorrow is usually my full blog post, but I decided to get some things out of my head today.

Rouge Thoughts:
– I really hate homeless men peeing on the 7/11 building, then laughing manically when they know I saw them.
– A man walked by me yesterday and completely farted, very loudly – 3 times. I shit you not, this is 100% true. I thought I was being punked.
– Packed gyms. Yesterday was a mad house at Planet, I was minor-ly frustrated, but then I did an 85# bent row for 12 reps. Life is okay again.
– People doing circuits at the gym when it’s busy. Cut that shit out!
– Being tired & having so much to do. [inset endless to-do list that also include finishing several books]
– Apartment Hunting: Shit SUCKS.
– Laundry. I mostly leave it to Corey since he has the patience. I do not. I hate it with all my heart.
– Did I mention apartment hunting? The people are fucking weird. We’ve only had one decent guy so far (we did manage to get the place, but because my taxes weren’t finalized…)
– Being a 1099. I WILL NEVER DO THAT SHIT AGAIN. I just mailed out my tax forms and paid off 2012 – which means no more saving for taxes. Now I can save for vacations, races, better food, and other fun stuff!
– Got up to 160lbs on squat for 9 reps, YEAHHAHH!!
– I started using 40lb dumbbells for single arm rows 😉
– This week I’m going after 4 pullups.
– This month my guy turns 26 – holy shit he got old, just kidding! Love you!
– I’m going to sign up for the Fenway Spartan Sprint!

Besides that, I’ve been kicking ass 🙂


Also, jumping lunges SUCK.


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