I have nothing important to write about, which is weird. I have stopped doing the daily run downs of my workouts because I have too much shit to do anyways and mostly because I’m lazy. However, I’m still kicking ass, which is a good reason to be lazy about posting.

Today, I am tired.

It’s a double day: AM foam rolling & recovery cardio, PM Chest/Triceps & Intervals.

I even went to bed at 7:30 last night, accidentally. I fell asleep face down on my pillow while my boyfriend played video games about 2 feet away from ears. Gone. Out like a light. I tried to stay awake, but my eyes were stinging and my head was pounding.

This morning my body was sore and stiff. I stared at the foam roller and knew it was going to hurt like hell once I got to my quads and hamstrings, and it didn’t disappoint. But after painfully rolling around on the thing, I felt a little better, ran a mile, did some more stretching, hopped on the cross trainer and finally headed to the showers.

SO. Tonight is some lifting & intervals, and I’ve prepared for it by packing a red bull. Yep, I’ve been resorting to Red Bulls because I cannot function like a normal human being without some boost towards the end of the day. It’s a crutch & I’m 100% okay with it.

Today is one of those days that training pisses me off. And it’s only because how tired I feel. I know this is what happens when my body is out of balance. My activity level outweighs my rest and caloric intake – even while knowing this, it aggravates me. But at the same time, I’m excited to lift tonight and get some intervals done. I’ve been seeing crazy progress in my strength and body that it motivates the hell out of me.

This week’s schedule:
Monday – PM Back & Interval (missed Athletic Training due to meetings)
Tuesday – AM Speed/Footwork Intervals
Wednesday – AM Recovery, PM Chest/Triceps/Cardio
Thursday – AM Athletic Training, PM Sprints + Abs
Friday – PM Shoulders + Cardio
Saturday – Legs
Sunday – OFF

March Improvements:
– 5 Pull Ups
– Trail Runs x 3
– Making even MORE time to stretch.
– Squat 150# x 15


–          I finally hit 150# on squats

–          I’m going for 4 pullups this week – bitches be MINE.

–          I want to snuggle like no body’s business

–          The weather here in New England is fucking gross: windy, rainy and stupid

–          I have a nice vocab today as well, very colorful shit.

–          Twitter is stupid – don’t get the purpose of it.

–          Wow, I’m a bitch today

–          Jumping rope is a lot of fun

–          Still leaning out, little by little.

–          I will mostly likely NOT be doing the tough mudder. Too much money for a crowded event.

–          Looks like by the end of March I’ll be running outdoors AFTER work, so I need to come up with a new schedule soon.


So, if you find yourself as tired as me, know that it will pass. Your body will get stronger & Your mind will get stronger. Just keep pushing yourself, or give yourself a break if you REALLY need it. Otherwise, keep kicking ass 😉


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