Life has been so busy lately, but I’m glad I get to gather my thoughts in one place now. Since the last time I posted, we’ve had a blizzard, a moving fiasco, tons of training, prep, a cold, and a heavy work load.

Training wise, I’ve never been in a better place. All I need now is for the weather to stop dumping snow on us and I can get back to trail runs, oh I miss them.

My schedule is always changing, but it looks pretty much like this:

Monday –PM 30 min Athletic Training, PM Back/Cardio/Abs
Tuesdays – AM 40-60 min cardio session + foam rolling/stretching
Wednesdays – AM Sprints/WallBall, PM Chest/Cardio/Abs
Thursdays – AM Hill Training, PM 30 min Athletic Training
Fridays – Biceps/Triceps/Shoulders/Abs
Saturdays – AM Trail Run , PM Leg Day
Sundays – Off, Stretching + Foam rolling

Athletic Training is exhausting. Even though it’s on two different days by two different trainers, it’s all plyo work with body weight movements and explosive power. After 30 minutes yesterday my body was shaking. It took me 15 minutes to get my HR down to 110s again. I then had to shoot over to my other gym to get some lifting done. I even pulled out a PR for bent rows, crazy shit.

I wrote a blog post last week about my leg workout. I’ll show you what I wrote two Sundays ago and what I did this past Saturday.

Legs Sunday, Feb 10th.
Squats: 70# x 1 x 15, 90# x 1 x 15, 110# x 1 x 12, 120# x 1 x 12
Walking Plate Lunges: 35# x 1 x 12, 45# x 1 x 12, 30# DB each arm x 2 x 12
Leg Extensions: 60# x 1 x 12, 70# x 2 x 10/12
Lying Glute Raise: 50# x 2 x 15
Stiff Leg Deadlift: 45# x 1 x 20, 85 x 3 x 15, 15, 12
Farmer Walks: 35# plate each hand  x 2 x top floor, 45# plate each hand x 2 x top floor
Calf Raises: 55# x 4 x failure


Legs Saturday Feb. 16th
Squats: 35# x 1 x 20, 140# x 1 x 12, 13, 130# x 1 x 15, 110#  x 1 x 15, 90# x 1 x 15
SLDLs with DBs: 30# x 3 x 12
SLDLs with barbell: 85# x 1 x 12, 95# x 1 x 12
Leg Extensions: 70# x 3 x 15
Random 30# x 3 BD Shoulder Press
Lying Glute Raise: 50# x 2 x 15 each leg
Walking Lunges W/Plate: 35# x 1, 45# x 1
Walking Lunges W/DB: 30# each arm x 1
Leg Press: 180# x 1 x 15, 270# x 1 x 11 (wide stance)
Farmer Walks: 2 x 45# plates around top floor of gym
Calf Raises: Standing 2 x 95# x failure

It felt amazing. Not sure where all the energy came from, but I was just in love with it. Felt great to move up in weight, but keep the reps higher = that’s exactly what I want. I look at these two workouts and I’m very proud of myself. I’m hoping to slowly add weight onto these, but keep the reps explosive and in between 10-15 at most.

Even Sunday’s shoulder workout was great. I got 3 crazy ass looking pull-ups out of me, and threw up 35# DB for shoulder presses for 2 sets around 9/10 reps.

Yesterdays first Athletic Training was pretty brutal. I was sore from legs and shoulders and man, did I pay for it. I worked my ass off though making sure I took good form and kept pushing. It was Burpees, Kettlebell Swings, Plank Hill Climbers, Squats + Cable Pulls at a continuous pace. We had about 30s break in between each round. Ironically, I think the plank hill climbers killed me because of how sore my quads were, so stabilizing myself sucked. Towards the end, I had to stop short a couple of times, but my when I was done the older familiar feeling of burning lungs, bright red skin, pouring sweat and shaking body reminded me of all my weakness. I want this training like another hole in the head, but I need it.

It felt good.

Last night doing back I pulled 90# on bent rows with strict foam, I think I pulled 12 reps. (But the last one was weak). I haven’t pulled 90# on bent rows in a while. But Im fucking pumped of the progress I’m making. We ended the night with 12 minute intervals on the stair climber. 5 minutes steady, but hard pace and then the last 7 minutes was intervals: 30s level 12, 30s rest.

As the weather gets better, training is going to get a lot more painful. Tuesdays/Thursdays/Saturdays will be my trail running days. I drive by my spot on the way home from work, so I’ll be squeezing in some runs on the week days when the light gets better.

Hill Training and Obstacle Training will be alternating Sundays in another month or so.

I’m pushing forward. And it feels wonderful. I can’t believe the progress my body has made and how all of this hard work is paying off…all of the 4am mornings, the 6am gym sessions, the two-a-days, the ten milers, the hikes, the weight, the sweat, the blood, the sun burns, the tears, the pain, the swelling, the exhaustion, and the mental shit that comes with it.  But I want to go bigger, go faster and go longer. I’m serious about this and I. won’t. stop.

Keep kicking ass.


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