Lately I’ve been noticing. And it’s so weird to notice it. It’s little stuff, nothing major, but the little stuff eventually adds up and it makes me so excited.

Some of the changes I’ve noticed:

  1. My shoulders are becoming more defined.
  2. My quads are popping out and I can see significant fat loss in my thighs, but I still have my ass!
  3. My triceps are really coming out. They look insane when I’m doing dips.
  4. My stomach is starting to outline my abs a bit more.
  5. I can run comfortably at 8.0mph for 2 minutes. (Big step for me because it’s on the treadmill!)
  6. My bent rows are EASY on 50lbs. 60lbs next week.
  7. My flexibility is increasing every single week. Once I warm up, I can touch my forehead to my quad (just barely, but it touches!)
  8. I did my first pull-up on Xmas eve, but Sunday I did 2.5 pull-ups in a row!
  9. My diet isn’t 100% there yet, I’m still making adjustments. But I’ve been prepping my lunches for the week every Sunday for about a month now. I love and it feels so good to not worry about food.
  10. Mentally, I’ve never been more motivated. I’m excited to lift, to run, to stretch, to run up hills, to carry my sandbag, and even to do burpees. A switch has been flipped.
  11. I feel happier.

What I want to do for February:

  •  Add trail running back into my weekends, now that the weather is starting to cooperate. I’m hoping 2-3 Saturday runs if the weather allows.
  • Get three hill workouts in (Sundays)
  • Get 3 pull-ups done! (Feb. is a short month, but next shoulder day I’m going to try like hell to get it done.)
  • Have a cheat meal every 10 days. (My last cheat meal was this past Saturday (Feb 2nd) at Olive Garden. While it wasn’t totally crazy (Under 450 cals for entree) I did have pasta, bread and dressing – typical no-nos in my diet. So the next cheat meals is Monday, Feb 11th,  Friday the 22nd and Wednesday March 6th.  ( 12 days, but that’s okay)

This week has been good.

Monday was a single back/biceps/abs day.
Tuesday was a single AM sprint/interval workout.
Today was an AM 45 minute mixed cardio and PM is chest/triceps/abs.
Thursday is AM sprints/intervals and PM is a 30min session with a trainer. (circuit/strength)
Friday (depending on weather) is a shoulder day with 20-30 minutes of mixed cardio
Saturday is a 5 – 6 mile snow hike with my sandbell and a PM Leg day
Sunday is a rest day or an alternate day for shoulders if Friday’s storm is insane.

I’m still looking into signing up for SLS fitness. My guy and I are looking for a new apartment, so money is tight and has to be wisely spent. I am going to do a drop in class next Tues or Weds depending my guys schedule. I know he is dying to go again. I was going to go this Sat to a yoga class, but the 12+ inches of snow coming in looks like all plans Friday might be canceled.

“The National Weather Service has issued Winter Storm Watches for all of Massachusetts except the southeastern part of the state in anticipation of a major winter storm that will move through the area on Friday and Saturday.  The storm may bring heavy snow (the forecast is for 10-14” of snow for much of the state, with lesser amounts in the southeast), high winds (gusts to 60 MPH or higher near the coast) and minor to moderate coastal flooding.”

Fucking really?! 

Here are some hot cross fit women to make things better:

10-wallball531295_2961272753952_1325550147_32286865_1126493650_nwomen900x599xCrossFitCentralBurnet.jpg.pagespeed.ic.gp07lVoSM3 crossfit-girl-julie-foucher-580x869_large CrossFitWomenTheTriune

And here are other things I’ve found and made me either laugh or get wicked excited for some training:


Keep it classy but kick some ass.


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