Last night was a nice surprise. Instead of doing my typical chest/tri workout with Michelle (Sorry!!), Corey’s friend who works at a nearby gym wanted us to stop by and try out a couple of classes. At first, I was skeptical. I don’t like classes too much because sometimes they can be long and drawn out.

We go there just in time to meet the owner of SLS Fitness, Sherrie and warm up. Our first class was instructed by Sherrie herself. She taught at least between 40-50 people in the warehouse!

SLS Fitness Video Overview

sls_fitness-105 sls_fitness-164sls_fitness-118

Our first class was called Metabolic Effect. Sherrie explained it to us as we were filling out our paperwork and introduced us to her trainers too. It was such a welcoming experience! Dan (who is also a trainer there) put our stuff away and grabbed us our equipment. Between all the trainers, I’ve never felt more welcomed to a new place. Sherrie hooked up her microphone and had us all do a dynamic warm up and we were off!

I had 17.5 dumbbells with me and Corey had 20s and about 15 minutes into I was pouring sweat. We did three sets of interval exercises – all using multiple body parts. We did a variety of burpees, dumbbell pushups, plyo jumps, etc. It was a very tough workout, I think what tired me out the most was the getups with the dumbbells after doing shoulder work. Corey and I looked at each other in half excitement and half exhaustion and knew we made the right choice to try it out. We are usually very stubborn in changing our workouts, but it was so much fun.

I felt so good afterwards though during the cool down  We had a few more minutes to chat with Sherrie before our next classes with which was interval boxing. It wasn’t AS hard as the Metabolic Effect class, but we didn’t know the whole routine so it’s a class we would need to do a couple more times to fully take advantage of the fast pace boxing. But man, she took us through a core routine at the end and I’m sore as hell today from it. After we cooled down from both classes, we got to talk to Dan and Sherrie even more about the philosphy behind SLS Fitness and how it came to be. It was very inspriring since this was the kind of gym I always wanted to be part of. It’s a community, so it’s very cool to see everyone having a great time while pushing themselves. But I’m still so taken back from how welcoming and accepting Sherrie was to meeting us and having us take part in her world. We loved it.

I’m 99% sure we will be signing up for the gym, simply because it has everything I need to get take my racing to a new level. I need to focus more on training rather than lifting – it’s something I’ve struggled with. They also have yoga and pilates classes, as well as self defense/mma and boxing, all for one monthly price. Hell yeaah.

Today I have another session with a trainer and two of my co-workers at Healthworks. It should be pretty fun! It will probably be the same as last night’s: short, intense and circuit driven – just what I need.  It’s only a half hour, so after that it’s back to work, then head home for a later lifting session. Tonight is Chest & Abs!

A lot of activity the past couple of days, and my hunger is ramping up. I’m staying on track diet wise today, so I’m not overeating, but man I can feel the increased hunger all the extra activity is giving me.

If anyone is local, (Lowell area, or surrounding towns) I would highly suggest doing a drop in at SLS Fitness. The place is a big Lowell warehouse, nothing fancy. But inside, it’s a fucking playground: ropes, tries, prowlers, cable machines, racks and racks of dumbbells, foam rollers, turf, TRX, kettles, rowers, etc. There are even farmer walk bars, the fancy ones you step into to carry the weight. Theres sledge hammers, boxing, rings…I could go on and on. Hopefully if you do go, you’ll meet Sherrie. Tell her Shauna from Healthworks sent you and she will treat you to amazing (and fucking tough) workout.

It’s time to work hard and play harder.  


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