Alright, it’s Tuesday. I was going to hold off until tomorrow to rant shit off my list, but fuck it, right?

Sunday has left my legs almost useless. At least I can hobble for a good distance before feeling some relief. Okay, I’m a fuckin baby.

Here is this week’s shit show:

Monday – OFF
Tuesday  – PM Pre Cardio/Back/Triceps/Abs
Wednesday – AM Intervals W/Wall Ball or Dumbbells, PM Chest/Biceps/Cardio
Thursday – AM Cardio Intervals, PM Long Cardio/Abs
Friday – PM Cardio/Shoulders/Abs
Saturday – Trail Run or Hike & Legs
Sunday – Foam Rolling, Possible Outdoor Work, Stretching (If no outdoor work: recovery cardio, balance work)

Legs will never be done on a Sunday again. It fucks up my entire week because I refuse to go “light”.  Like this morning, my calves were tight as hell, nothing would loosen up. I got to foam roll, stretch and do some recovery cardio, but man the intervals weren’t happening. I’m not half assing them.

As I was walking to the showers, I did some reflection on what I’ve noticed lately:

–          When I really start to lose weight, I get very very hungry.

–          I’m learning self control again. Very slowly, but I take it in baby steps. Take note: I did NOT have any birthday cake or apple crisp bread that is sitting in the office’s kitchen.

–          The vitamin D pills are working AMAZINGLY. I’m in such a good mood, MOST of the time, unless it comes to winter driving. If you live in New England, you know what I’m talking about.

–          Corey is gaining weight and I’m losing it. Perfect. (He has always struggled with keeping weight on, I’m so proud of him! He looks so damn good. When I met him he was about 170lbs, and has slowly gained 20 or so, gaining a bigger wing span and leg definition. Such a hottie.)

–          My shin has been good. It is only really pissed at me when I do lots of hill sprints and don’t control my downward speed.

–          I really miss trail running and the fall days.

–          I do not love the muscle group training days, I miss my full body days. But I know I have to switch it up.

–          I can feel the definition coming back to my quads and my arms, slowly.

–          I can feel my hip bones again (weird, I know) But this was the first thing I noticed when I started to lose weight. Things poke out more ß This is what happens when you’re a fat girl most of your life and then lose the weight. Odd enough, it’s a good sign.

Tonight is Back/Triceps and Abs. I plan to kick some ass : – )


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