I don’t feel like blogging my workouts. Simply because they are exhausting to think about as they are to actually do them.

So to cut through the bullshit, here how my week has been so far:

Sunday – OFF
Monday – Deadlifting/Legs
Tuesday – AM Sprints + Incline Sprints W/20# WallBall, PM Back/Biceps
Wednesday – AM 45 min mix cardio, PM Chest/Abs
Thursday – AM Sprint Intervals + Hill Sprints with 20# DB (kettle swings, squat+press, lunges, pushups)
Friday – PM Shoulders/ Calves/Abs
Saturday – Outdoor workout 2+ Hr minimum
Sunday – Outdoor Hill workout 1.5 hr minium

Thursday was suppose to be a double day, but I’m not sure what to do besides an active recovery of foam rolling, icing, stretching and hanging with my dogs. I don’t feel the need to beat my ass into the ground if I don’t have a planned workout. This week isn’t going to be a relaxing one since I’ll be battling the cold during my workouts. But hey, shut up or GTFO right?

Since this was the first week of my new routine there are a few kinks I need to work out. I may do three two-a-days every other week or something, but I’m finding now it’s not very wise to do. UNLESS there is a workout that has to be cut short or skipped for some unforeseen reason. Okay, I feel better.

Tomorrow AM is off so I can get some extra sleep and hang out with my guy in the morning on the way to work. But PM is a planned Shoulder/Calves/Abs work. The calves are going to be interesting because not only will we be doing calf raises, but walking on the treadmill at a high % grade as well as some step climber intervals (very short stuff).

Um, Saturday is going to be up in the air until I know what the ground looks like as well as the wind chill here. This whole week has been very bitterly cold. I’m talking about 0 degrees or lower. However, it looks like shit is warming up for next week.

I may either do a hike with my sandbell (mixed with burpees, pushups, etc) or I may run bleachers or a trail run. I’d love to get a trail run under me since it has been a bit for a quality one.

Sunday is going to be a hill day. I don’t care if I’m the only one, but I need more hill experience and it can’t wait any longer. Unless it’s 5 degrees or below with the wind chill, I’m doing it.

I’m slowly starting to see my abs more and more. I  can feel everything changes and it is fucking awesometastic. I’m NOT going to stop like I did last because I WILL kickass at the Tough Mudder. So here is to many more 4am wake ups, 6am gym times, two-a-days and eating 6lbs of carrots, why? Because AROOOOOO!!!


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