Alright, now that I got a new routine down, I have a better idea of how to outline my week again. On Sunday I was lost, since I was suppose to just sit down and re-write my schedule. Of course, I found better ways to spend my time: football game, movie, laundry…so it didn’t get done. Monday I just deadlifted and some leg work. I just wanted to Deadlift, because man it releases a lot of anger. Deadlift therapy, AROOO! *ahem*…

But now I’ll keep the productivity going with following through on my new routine, even though I’m going to miss my old one. Booo Hoo.

For the next three months, I have three, “Two-A-Days” a week now. This is due to the Tough Mudder I’m signed up for, which lands in May. It’s time to really buckle down and get more cardio & hill sprints underneath me (haha, get it?).

Here is the jaw-dropping,the most amazing routine in the world…aka this woman’s schedule to self destruction:

Monday – Recovery Cardio & Foam Rolling/Stretching
Tuesday – AM Sprints, PM Back/Biceps/Abs
Wednesday – AM 1HR of Cardio, PM Chest/Triceps/Abs
Thursday – AM Sprints, PM Shoulders/Calves
Friday – PM 1HR Cardio + Abs
Saturday – Outdoor Work: Hike, Trail Run, Bleachers, Tire Flips (Rotate)
Sundays – Hill Sprints, Sandbag & Burpee work = 1.5 hour minimum.

As it gets closer, maybe two months into it, I’ll be adding some random activities in after work: balance, footwork, monkey bars, rope climb, rock climbing, etc. But for now, I’m still focusing on losing fat, sprinting and hill work. It’s going to take some real dedication and soul searching, because I haven’t done have three, “Two-A-Days” in a very long time. I’ve been trying to acclimate my body by doing two, “two-a-days” for the past couple of weeks.


So far the week has been productive. My diet has never been better and I’m sticking to it because overall, I’m feeling full and happy. One of the best things I’ve started doing was taking extra Vitamin D3 capsules to help with my moods as well as my energy level. I kept finding myself being beyond exhausted, to the point where I was a cranky bitch for literally NO REASON. So, with a bit of a research, I decided to try it out. Luckily CVS was running a BOGO Free special on all vitamins, so I picked up a bottle for my guy as well. (who also is reporting he feels happier and more upbeat). The more energy and happier thoughts, the better. Because if you take a look at the picture below, it hasn’t been a fun week so far, weather wise:


Yep, it was 11 degrees this morning and super depressing. But thanks to Under Armour, I wore my base layer 3.0 cold gear shit, which means I only had to wear 3 pairs of pants and 4 layers on top, not bad? To offset the Two-A-Day yuckiness as well as the fucking cold, today I could fit this into my macros, so life is good:



Also, I’m writing a short little blog post about how to tell if you’re the annoying one in the gym that everyone hates. Awesome, right? If you don’t know, I go to an all-women gym most of the time. At night, I usually head over to Planet Fitness (was a World’s Gym, so we have a lot of weight lifting equipment that other PFs don’t) which is a totally different animal. But I think I’m going to write about both of them 🙂



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