Wednesday – PM Cardio
So Yesterday morning was AM sprints – Sweet.

PM was a longer cardio session.

Stretch + Warm Up
20 minutes on bike, hill intervals
27 minutes of cross trainer, resistance intervals Lvl 10 on rest & 15-20 on resistance

Then Corey’s friend came with us to get some dead lifting experience, which for a first time lifter, a Deadlift is not the easiest thing to practice first. But she did pretty well despite my boyfriend and I’s differences on stances. (haha, when it comes to working out, we can never agree!)

We did a little bit of abs, but because of the time we had to cut it short. I had already been there for 2 hours. (eek!). We headed home and I got our lunches and protein shakes ready. Cor iced his knees down and we tried to get some laundry done before we fell asleep. Finally we got some good sleep after a long Wednesday.


This morning was a little groggy. I think we hit the snooze a couple of times, hehe. Cor and I got up reluctantly and started getting ready. It was nice to sleep in a little bit even though it was 10 minutes. He’s so damn warm, I didn’t want to move. But, I knew deez muscles needed some loving too.

Warm Up: Elliptical, Stretch & Foam rolling the legs

Pushups: 3 x 20
Dips: 4 x 17-20
DB Shoulder Press: 20# x 1 x 15, 22.5# x 2 x 10/12
Bent Rows + 2 Bicep Curls: 50# x 3 x 12
Bent Plate Flys: 10# each arm x 4 x failure
DB Bicep Curl: 15# x 2 x failure
WG Pds: 75# x 3 x failure [failure x behind neck + failure x standard = 1 set)
Tricep Pushups: 40# x 4 x failure

Thoughts: I have to keep telling myself the upped cardio is why I’m so tired; the commute, the extra cardio, all the prep, and little time to do it all. Corey and I are both done by 8:30, literally falling asleep when trying to do normal things like eat dinner and do laundry. Luckily two of his week day classes are finally ending. Getting only 6 hours of sleep while trying to maintain my schedule is borderline impossible. After two or three days, especially adding in two double days, your body is just fucking tired.


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