Before I go off on a tangent, here’s this week’s schedule:

Monday – OFF DAY
Tuesday – AM Lifting #1 + PM Cardio
Wednesday – AM Intervals + PM 40 min cardio + abs
Thursday – AM Lifting #2
Friday – Chest & Triceps + Abs PM/AM, depends
Saturday – 4-7 mile Trail Run + Tire Flipping Intervals
Sunday – Hill Sprints, Weight Carries, Burpees


Monday – OFF

Tuesday – AM Lifting + PM Cardio

AM Stretch & Warm Up on elliptical

Pushups + Assisted Chin-Ups
25 Pushups + 90# Chin-Up x 1 x 7
22 Pushups x 80# Chin-Up x 1 x 6
16 Pushups x 70# Chin-Up x 1 x 5
12 Pushups x 60# Chin-Up x 1 x 4
50# Chin-Up x 1 x 3

Dips + DB Shoulder Press: 4 x 15-20 Dips + 22.5# Press x 2 x 14
Shoulder Press x 20# x 1 x 12 (random set)

SLDL: 60# x 4 x 15
DeadLifting: 60# x 3 x 15
Overhead Press: 60# x 3 x 10
Bent Rows: 60# x 2 x 10

PM – Cardio

10 Minutes – Cross Trainer
22 Minutes – Gazelle Resistance Intervals

Thoughts: I did hill sprints on Sunday (go look if you haven’t seen the fucking hill) and the base of my calves were KILLING me. I couldn’t walk downward before I stretched when I got out of bed, that’s how tight they were. I have been foam rolling as well as stretching and it has felt much better afterwards – but man, they tighten right up after a night’s rest.

The AM workout was decent, not my best. I was very tired since I was up till 10pm the night before. I need to get more reps of bent rows & pull downs back in there. The PM workout was so awful feeling. My legs were stiff as fuck and it hurt just to go easy on the cross trainer. Eventually they loosened up and felt better once I jumped on the gazelle thing. I had to run to the store after so no abs, but I’ll be doing that Weds after work. BOOO.

Wednesday – AM Sprints + PM Cardio + Abs

This morning was a challenge. I was exhausted. I felt good when sitting down and eating breakfast, but pretty shitty until I got onto the treadmill.
I kicked ASS this morning doing my intervals however. I worked to KEEP GOING and only small 10-20s breaks between wall ball exercises and sprints on the treadmill / step climber.

Foaming Rolling, Stretching & Warm Up Cardio

1.5 min @ 6.0mph
21 Pushups
1.5 min @ 6.5mph
20# Wall Ball Pickups + Overhead Presses
1.5min @ 7.0mph
20# Wall Ball Squats
1.5 min @ 7.5mph
20# Wall Ball Overhead + 15-20 lunges each leg
1.5 min # 8.0mph

18 Pushups
1.5 min at Lvl 14 Step Climber
20# Wall Ball Pickups + Overhead Presses
1.5 min at Lvl 16 Step Climber
20# Wall Ball Squats
1.5 min at Lvl 16 Step Climber
20# Wall Ball Overhead + 15-20 lunges each leg
1.5 min at Lvl 12 Step Climber

And this when I looked like this:

photo (11)

Thoughts: Okay, so that’s instagram-ed out…hush. Pretty colors look better than the beat red of my face. Tonight is cardio and ab-destruction. Sounds fun right? Of course, what else would I be doing on Weds night?

Also this morning has got to be the leanest I’ve felt in a LONG time. I showed my boyfriend and he was impressed with my progress. You can even see a weee bit of abs when I squeeze hard. Yeaah BUDDY! I know my goal is to PERFORM but it helps when I see physical results from all my hard work and early fucking mornings. I have to keep going – bigger, faster, stronger.

Oh and today’s motivation obsession:

img5The Spartan Race



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