This weekend was an odd one of all sorts. Friday night Corey and I were absolutely exhausted. I was so tired driving home that my eyes were stinging the whole ride. I picked us up dinner, ate, and we fell asleep around 8:30pm. Yep, how exciting.

Saturday, Corey had school pretty much the whole day. So we were up at 6:30am and I packed his lunch before saying goodbye. I took a nap, did laundry, errands with my mom and checked out the new training area Saturday. See below for the awesomeness!!!

394791_10200374449106525_1333905180_n541899_10200374449386532_577289699_n543772_10200374449506535_324494555_n312422_10200374449586537_770140143_n 538641_10200374465426933_1886584883_n

My mom and I hiked up to the top, and I knew that this was the beginning of a new era in my training. I was nervous because I knew deep down I needed this. I looked at my poor legs and told myself that every bit of hard, puke inducing workout I did today, would help me in races tomorrow. So with that little pep talk, I began to plan the work out from hell for Sunday.

We hit the gym towards the end of the day for some lifting before going out for the night. Luckily, we told our friends that it was going to be an early night for us since we had an early morning. We got to sleep around midnight for some early morning prep! I’m glad we stuck to our guns and didn’t do the bar scene with everyone because it turned into a shit show for everyone else. All I care about was that we were home, safe and warm!

Sunday we woke up, went out to breakfast with our friend, headed to Sports Authority for some KT Tape and knee braces, got ready and headed out for our first hill training. You could tell everyone was a little nervous or anxious because it was really going to be different for us. The guys hadn’t seen the hill before, so when we rounded the hill and it came into view, they were pretty excited, pissed and all WTF. It looks intimidating on the road, but it’s not SO bad..okay, it’s hell.

602771_10200380224370903_401539048_n 422227_10200380230331052_1039769638_n 3380_10151190866495658_1835185588_n 424058_10200380241211324_363600159_n

I wish I got more pics, but I was too busy running up and the down that fucking hill 10 times. Yep, at least 10. Honestly, I lost count. I know we were there for an hour and 15 minutes. I know I did:

1 x Walking up hill (had to pee), 1 jogging down
3 x Up  & Down hill with 30lb Hyperwear pancake
3 x Up & Down Hill Running as fast as possible
1 x Up & Down with 40lb sandbag
2-3 more times up and down hill as fast as I could.
But like I said, I lost count.

The weather was over cast, kind of rainy and really foggy out there so I wore my typical leggings, UA compression and sweats (for before/after). But the piece of gear that made a world of difference was my new X-Talons! I’m going to get some miles under them before I do a full review. They came in Friday and at first I thought I ordered them too small. But once I re-adjusted the lacings, they were fine – even with my heavy wool socks.

As you can tell from the photos, the ground is farm/was farm land. It still can be hayed it looks like. We got lucky with the lack of ice and snow, but man the ground was completely saturated and muddy. I had high expectations for these shoes, but a little nervous since they are a minimalist transition shoe. They exceeded my expectations! They were light weight, moved with my feet, had perfect traction – even over the patches of ice, and never once did I feel my ankles were working too much into the hill. I expected my feet to get soaked from the ground, but when I took my shoes off, 90% of my feet were still dry, just the sides of my toes were wet from going downhill.

I was also worried about my shins/ACS because of the lack of support in the shoe, but I had no issues: no swelling, no pain, no tightness. Woo! The real test will be shorter trails runs on my shins. I think the longer ones I will def. keep my Nike trail shoes because they have been great so far.

Check out my X-Talons:

photo (8) photo (9) photo (10)

I’m actually missing them because I want to run so bad, but today is my day off (CALVES ARE FUCKING SORE AS SHIT) and tomorrow is lifting, body work and PM cardio. So it’s another Monday and more training begins this week, and it will be week two of PM cardio and two-a-days. Woo!!

So, with that said, another week to kick ass and better myself, my body and my mind. I’m excited with all this small progress I’m seeing, I know I’m finally headed in the right direction.




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