Okay, we are back to normal updating – not the one giant post shit.

Yesterday morning I did my [sprint & wall ball exercise.]  But I also had to get PM cardio done. It was about 50 minutes total of PM cardio, and  then I cried while walking down the stairs to my car.

PM – 50 minutes of cardio

20 Minutes On Cross Trainer – 10 minute levels 8-10, then 1 min intervals on 15-20
20 Minutes on Bike: 5 minutes level 5-10, then 1 min intervals of level 13-16
10 minutes cool down on treadmill (jogging, hurting, wanting to crawl in a ball)

Thoughts: My legs were toast, especially my hamstrings. They loosened up once I got onto the cross trainer for a bit, but I felt it as soon as I started walking down the stairs  = complete ham destruction. I did not cry by the way, I was being sarcastic. I more or less whined to myself and took my time heading to the couches to slowly roll on my sweatpants. It’s going to take some time getting use to the level of activity now. I’ve been trying to go in stages, and this has been the hardest week to adjust to.

In the future, my double days won’t be back to back. They are going to be Tuesday & Thursday, my lifting days. My mom has been sick, and usually I have dinner with her on Mondays and Wednesdays, so this week I had to switch stuff around.

I’m feeling really good. I think my vacation did wonders for my motivation and overall outlook on how much I can accomplish. I kept giving myself excuses, especially being tired. I just had to accept that if I’m going to push my body, it’s going to push back too. But I’m proud of it though because I’m improving by the day.

Can I get a hell yeah?!

Random 1: Tonight’s dinner is consisting of 16oz of steamed carrots
Random 2: I chugged a red bull this morning and fell asleep
Random 3: I’m going to make my friends cry Saturday morning.
Random 4: I’m glad I make money and get to keep my clothes on.
Random 5: Does a homeless man with a iphone really need money?

Also, here is a picture of my sweet ass lunch: Chicken Curry & Egg on spring mix lettuce.




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