This week has been very busy, so I know I’ve been slacking on updating but NOT on training! So let the recap begin:


Saturday – Jan 5th
I planned on a hike, but since it was a short week (workout wise) I decided to get back to lifting and do some interval training.

20 minutes – Cross Trainer Intervals
15 minutes – Step Climber Intervals

Seated Machine Press 60# x 3 x 12 (yeah BUDDY!)
Standing DB Press: 25# x 2 x 15, 30# x 2 x 10/12
Plate Raises + Twists: 20# x 2 to failure, 15# x 2 to failure, 10# for Twists
Rear Plate Raises: 10# x 3 x 10-12

Knee Ups  2 x 18
8 Pushups + Hill Climbers + 7 Pushups + Side Hill Climbers + 6 Pushups x 2
Cable Crunches 110-120# x 18-25 x 4
Double Crunches 2 x 25
Planks 2 x 30s

Sunday – Snow Run + Chest/Bis – Jan 6th
The run was suppose to be 13.1 miles, but I tweaked my knee in the middle of it from sliding in the snow and I just (Tuesday) started to feel confident that it’s okay now.

5.33 miles in 1:01:26 hours (not bad!)

Chest / Biceps
DB Flat Bench: 20# x 1 x 30, 25# x 2 x 25 (need to move up)
DB Incline Bench: 20# x 2 x 25, 25# x 1 x 25, 25# x 1 x 20
Pushups x 2 to failure (around 20 each set…I cheated and kind of counted)

Standing Bicep Curls: 12# x 4 x 25 each arm *holy shit this BURNED*
I alternated curls with two arms and one – to mix it up

Standing Cable curls: 30# x 1 x 25, 40# x 3 x 20 (last one was 19 reps)

Thoughts: My arms were still sore from yesterday’s shoulder workout, holy moly. I’m working on lifting endurance two days a week (back/shoulders Chest/Arms), one day is a heavy full body and the last lifting day is smaller muscle groups. I’m also committing to two two-a-days a week. Mostly it’s PM cardio intervals and/or an hour of mixed cardio (bike, cross trainer, treadmill). I’ve gone off the deep end.


Monday – OFF!

Tuesday – Lifting Circuit AM, Cardio/Abs PM

Workout 1/AM
Warm up:
10 minute lvl 15 resistance on elliptical + stretching

Pushups & Chin Ups
20 pushups x 4 – focusing on proper, precise form and low to the ground.
Assisted Chin ups Drop-set: 90# x 6, 80# x 5, 70# x 4, 60# x 3, 50# x 3 ß I had to really squeeze that last rep.

Bench Dips 1 x 30, 1 x 25, 1 x 25, 1 x 20

SLDLs  & Romanian Deadlift
SLDLs 60# x 4 x 10-12
Deadlifts x 4 x 10-12

Overhead Shoulder Press: 60# x 4 x 8-12
Bent Flys: 10# plate each hand x 3 x 10-13


Workout 2/PM – Cardio & Abs
20-Min Cross Trainer Intervals (heavy resistance)

Ab Routine
Knee Ups 2 x 25
[Pushups (focusing on triceps) x 15 + 25 hill climbers + Pushups x 5 + Side Climbers/Crunches x 10 each side] x 2
Lying Leg Raises 2 x failure *With someone pushing down and/or holding your feet at different rasies*
Cable Crunches: 120# x 1 x 27, 130# x 2 x 20-22

Thoughts: So I have no real place to deadlift. I feel lost. They took away the 70# and 80# pre-loaded barbels? They got new equipment, but it only goes up to 60#?? WTF!

Man was I hungry after today. My cals were sitting at 1800 by the end of night, but my stomach hated me when going to bed. I think double days will probably sit at 2,000 cals. We’ll see. I don’t want to lose muscle or strength just because I’m not eating enough. Angry hunger >:{  Towards the end of the day I was very motivated to get to PM cardio. I knew the boys were at the gym already, so I was excited to see my guy! However I was not excited to see the entire parking lot FULL. WTF RESOLUTIONERS. GO HOME. So. Many. People. I did get to talk to my guy for a few minutes before racing to grab a machine to get some cardio done on. I came at the right time, because it started to thin out as I got started. Woohoo!!

The 20 minutes was a little hard because I could feel my legs were stiff from sitting all day after deadlifting. But I went harder than normal on the intervals. If you’ve ever been on a gazelle…aka cross trainer…aka this thing below:

Tony-Little-Gazelle-Cross-Trainer-Pro (1)

I was doing  4.0-6.0 resistance intervals. Rest of the night was good, went to bed around 8:30am, but woke up extremely fuckin cranky Wed. morning. My guy told me to get 10 more minutes of sleep and to calm down. He was so nice, he brushed my hair till I fell asleep again. Yep, I’m a fucking baby. Brush my hair, and I’m out like a light and instantly happy.


Wednesday – AM Sprints + Wall ball, PM Hour Of Cardio

AM – Intervals

Warm up: stretch + foam roll
1.5 minute @ 5.5mph + 1% incline
30 pushups
1.5 minute @ 6.0mph + 2% incline
20# Wall Ball Squat & Press to failure
1.5 minute @ 6.5 mph + 1.5% incline
20# Wall Ball Overhead + Lunges 1 x 20 each side

1-Min Cool Down

1.5 minute Stair Master @ Lvl 14
Pushups to failure
1.5 minute Stair Master @ Lvl 14
20# Wall Ball Squat + Press to Failure
1.5 minute Stair Master @ Lvl 12
20# Wall Ball Overhead + Lunges 1 x 20 each side

10 minutes cool down on elliptical lvl 10-15

Thoughts: I was hungry. I was sore. I was tired, but oddly motivated. I don’t know if it was the music or the pre-workout, but man I just couldn’t stop wanting to push it harder. At one point, my legs were shaking so bad, I had to stop the stairmaster for a couple of seconds to regain control. I deadlifted yesterday, which was rough because I did the sets almost non stop, about 20-25s of rest at most. I also did cardio that night as well, so I was really feeling it this morning. But I feel AWESOME too. The rough part is I got my monthly friend and my cramps are fucking horrible now since I got to work. I have another double session tonight; luckily it’s my last one for the weekday so I just want to get it over with. But really, my period before intervals? HA HA NATURE. Naht funny.

PM – 1 Hour Of Cardio

15 minute step climber
20 minutes bike
15 minutes cross trainer
10 minutes treadmill


The rest of the week looks like this:

Thursday – Lifting AM

Friday – PM Foam Rolling & Stretching: Active Recovery

Saturday- AM Outdoor Hill Training /  PM Bikram Class
Thanks to my friend Rich who took this and told me about the place nearby. This is the training site I’m checking out below:


Sunday – Outdoor Obstacle Training (YAY!!!!) It’s going to be in the 50s!!!


(The guys carry the heavy shit, I take photos and play with butterflies.)




ISN’T THAT FUCKIN AWESOME! That’s why I’m doing two outdoor workouts this week, little to no gym time. I might do a Bikram class Saturday after training, but we’ll see. I have a lot of laundry to catch up on as well as a nap.

Random 2: But I do get to try out MY NEW SHOES. Yes, total excitement overload. Okay, so I’m a sucker for cool gear. I love practical cool gear. If it’s efficient  effective and cool looking I want it. If it’s an overpriced piece of shit, I do not. However when talking about my new X-Talon 212 Inov-8 shoes, I could pee myself with excitement. Reading Margaret Schlachter‘s blog, I came across her reviews for them as well as some other Inov-8 shoes. I kept researching  and researching, and kept reading great raving reviews. Okay, so I splurged. But they come in this Friday and I’m hoping they fit so I can train in them this weekend outdoors.

862211-p-MULTIVIEW 862211-5-MULTIVIEW

Random 3: Simple Brandz sent me a sample of their granola bar because I won their weekly giveaway. Mini review coming up on this!!



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