I’m so pumped for this weekend’s training. Tonight I’m headed out with a friend for dinner, but then I have to pick up some fuel for the runs/hikes. YAY.

I don’t know where you live, but here in Boston it has been retardedly cold. See example below:


Yes, that says 8 degrees at 4am-5am yesterday morning. Sucks! But luckily this weekend is going to much warmed with a high of 38! The cold sucks, period, but training in it actually makes me happy. Not sure why? But I get this stupid grin on myself as I’m bounding through the snow, well maybe it’s more like dragging ass. But regardless of MY methodology, I would suggest everyone try at least one work out in the cold/snow.

Saturday – Workout 1: 7 mile hike with 30lb sandbag & 10lb weight vest, also with my cloudwalker for  added weight. Workout 2: Gym session for upper body work.

Sunday – 13.1 mile run. I’m not allowed to leave the trails until this is done. This will be my top mileage for right now. Even though I’m working on endurance, I need to now start whittling down my time as well as working in burpees, pushups, squats, sandbags, etc.

I have no other plans really and it feels so good! I need to get back to focus on training and get the bigger workouts done, because they help a lot in the long run. I’m going to try and update Sunday with pictures and such, because I sure due love to share the misery!


Have a great weekend everyone and KICK SOME ASS!



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