So the day I come back from vacation, is the day that it happens to be 13 degrees out and my train breaks down. I missed my window for cardio this morning, but I’ll be heading to my other gym after work to get err done tonight with the boyfriend.


So what have I been up to? Well, after a Bikram session about two weeks ago, I go the fucking flu. I haven’t had it in so long, I forgot how miserable it is. I started off on a run about 2 hours after yoga, and BAM, I suddenly felt an overwhelming sensation to puke. I felt nauseous,  cold, and started to feel a sore throat coming on. I was SUPPOSE to get a 9-10 miler in that day, but I stopped about 4 miles into it, and headed to my car. That night was the worst series of chills and aches I’ve ever had. I remember laying in bed, listening to my boyfriend sleep soundly and SHIVERING. I put another fleece blanket on top and realized, it wasn’t going to be enough. My boyfriend turned off our fan, helped me into another pair of sweatpants, another long sleeve shirt and sweatshirt and tried to warm me up. Nope. I was pissed off to the max. I slept on the couch with:

  • 2 pairs of sweatpants
  • 2 pairs of socks
  • fur slippers
  • tank top, shirt, longsleeve AND sweatshirt
  • gloves & my hood on
  • two fleece blankets

Thankfully with a heavy dose of NyQuil, I finally fell asleep. This lasted about 4 or 5 days, mostly having a cough towards the end and a never ending stream of mucus. I stayed home from work and worked from home for a couple of days before vacation. After the worst was over, I did my first last week. It was miserable.

The thing about the flu is that even though your worst symptoms go away, your lungs and breathing is shot until you are fully recovered. I battled the phlegm/coughing for a few days, even ran a few 3-4 milers to get my legs and lungs use to the activity again. It frustrated me how low my energy level was and how tired my whole body felt. I honestly felt like it was a waste because the weather was so beautiful and there was barely any snow on the ground. Despite my disappointment, I kept going and on Christmas Eve, I did my first UNASSISTED PULL-UP! Yippee!! I also did a few unassisted chin ups as well. I’m almost at my 2nd rep of pull ups but just need some more practice and arm work.

Pics from a recent 4 miler, before the damn snow!



This past week was kind of a blur. I did a 5 mile hike with a 30lb sandbag and 10lb weight vest Saturday in the cold. It was so much fun!! It was more of a mental test to see how long I could go with a 30lb Hyperwear Sandbell in my arms/shoulders. The terrain wasn’t EXTREMELY hard, but it was tough. It started out easy because it was on our training field, but soon I follow the farm paths onto more farm land, I quickly learned that hills suck even more when the frozen ground is plowed, which creates pockets of air and WILL collapse every step of the way. But I made sure I placed my feet firmly and trudged through. It took about 2.5 hours to get through the 5 miles, but my shoulders felt damn good the day after. I met up with the guys playing football. Their facial expressions were very fucking amusing. They asked my guy what the hell I was doing 🙂

I plan to do a 7 miler this Sunday. Pics from my lovely hike:

photo (5) photo (6)  photo (4)


Then I spent New Years weekend/eve in NH with my family and also at a friends house. I didn’t drink New Years  Eve because I was extremely hung over – blame it on the tequila and whiskey mixing. I shot my first bow too!! I’m not HORRIBLE and it was when I was sober (haha), but lets just say Corey will be buying new arrows. TeeHee.  After Xmas, I bought myself another CamelBak: The Mini-Mule! I’ll be typing up a little review on it later this week once I settle into work again. But for a small 50 oz pack worked PERFECTLY for my trail run, even in the snow! I know it’s made for kids, but damn it held everything and fit my body perfect. I will always love my cloudwalker, but the mini mule is my running pack 4 lyfe, yo.


I got my ass back to work yesterday with a 10 miler in the snow 🙂 I was very tired, but knew I just had to throw myself back into it. Yesterday’s run was another milestone in my journey to endurance racing/obstacle racing! It was about 27 degrees out (with the sun out luckily) and it was also my first snow run. At first, I didn’t think I’d make the 10 miles. My ankles aren’t use to the snow yet and some places were pretty deep. I stuck to a beaten down path most of the time, which mentally annoyed me because I need the change of scenery to keep me motivated. But I got to meet a lot of different dogs/people along the way, some even recognized me from past training on the field and other runs. They asked me what I was doing today and laughed when they saw how bundled up I was.

I almost stopped at the 5 mile mark because the wind really picked up and my ankles hated the deep snow after a while, but I ignore it and calmed myself down. Eventually I found my groove at around the 6 mile mark and calculated how many more laps I had to do before I reached 10 miles. At around mile 8, it started to get kind of dark and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to finish. My socks (two thick layers) were soaked and I did not bring another set (stupid me, I could have done 13.1 miles if I did!). I ate my last shot blok and pushed my through the 9 mile mark. I grinned the whole way back to my car! I calculated it just right, because I reached 10 miles and then some just in time for me to reach my car.

photo (7) photo (3)734947_10200308809385573_875011342_n

The one piece of clothing that completely saved me, was the Under Armour hood/neck scoop. It was a godsend at the 6 mile mark when the wind really started to get bad.


Maybe I’ll do a write up of winter running? Because I’m just along with what I have and have figured out so far. I def. need to get more experience under me, especially with running in the snow, so that’s a goal of mine for Jan. I’m going to plan for a couple of posts this week, both workouts planned & reviews.

Till then, keep kicking ass 🙂


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