This weekend over all, was basically me going non-stop. I didn’t get much sleep, but it was a lot of fun.

Friday: Work was a shit show in terms of nearing deadlines and nothing getting finalized. Luckily we worked our butts off the get stuff approved for Monday. By the end of the day, I was mentally done. I actually passed out around 9pm by accident. I remember Corey covering me with blankets and getting into bed, that was pretty much it.

Saturday: I was up early, around 6:30am to get ready for my first Bikram class. I haven’t done an official yoga class in years, so I was a little nervous about how I would do. My friend came with me to try it out as well. We arrived just in time to find ourselves a spot in the back so we could watch as we learned the poses.

Apparently I’m either dyslexic or I just don’t listen. I’m 100% sure everyone got sick of hearing my name because I would do the poses backwards…the mirror is not my friend. I did pretty well considering we were sitting in a 105 degree room for an hour and a half, doing some pretty tough stuff.

“Bikram Yoga is a system of yoga that Bikram Choudhury synthesized from traditional hatha yoga techniques and popularized beginning in the early 1970s. Bikram Yoga sessions run for exactly 90 minutes and consist of a set series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises.Bikram Yoga is ideally practiced in a room heated to 105°F with a humidity of 40%, and is the most popular form of hot yoga (a series of yoga poses done in a heated room).”

I was drenched and excited to get out into the cold air after the class though. We signed up for a 10 day intro, so we’ll be going this Saturday as well.

My thoughts? It was tough. I should have brought more water, and I need to listen better. I would focus so hard on trying to keep the pose, that I wouldn’t listen to the next set of instructions. My friend and I both sat down a few times to take a break, but damn some of these people were SO good at it.

After the class, I felt really awake and happy. My legs felt great too! I dropped off my friend, went home to make a big breakfast and hang out with my guy for a bit. I decided to go get a run in, even though it was raining, because man I was aching to go after missing last Sat!!

photo (2)restofrun


Total Time: Around 2:15:00 hours
Total Distance: 10.21 miles
Cals: HR watch broke, but it was def. over 1400

Thoughts: It was awesome. There were a few moments I didn’t think my shin was going to make it. At couple times I felt it “twinge” but it never swelled. I found a good route to get most of my miles done on less rocky ground. The rain wasn’t so bad, but man was it cold. I couldn’t find my leggings, so I had to wear my capris. At first, the wind alone almost made me turn back. But when I got into the dense forest, it wasn’t so bad. There wasn’t a lot of people out so it was nice just to have the trails to myself!

The last mile, my phone died. So there went my music and my GPS. It did save my time and the exact location where it died, so to make SURE I hit 10 miles, I went to to finish the route. My iphone clocked my run at 9.35 miles when it died, the rest of the run back to my car was another 0.84-0.85 miles. I was so happy but so exhausted and cold when I got back to my car. I slowly warmed up, sat, drank a bottle of gatorade and tried to relax before driving home.

I DID IT!!!! WOOOHOOO!! My ultimate goal is to get 12 miles in by the end of the year. After that, it’s wittling that time down. I’d like to get 12 miles under 2hours & 10 minutes. Thats about 11 minute mile right here. I couldn’t believe I got it done. I was so fucking excited.

After the run, I came home to ice down, shower, eat, and we were out the door to do some Xmas shopping and head to a friends party. I got a little too drunk, & very fast since I didn’t eat properly after my run – only a protein shake. When I drink Whiskey, I’m so damn loud and hyper and forget to eat.  Towards the end of the night, I crashed hard and got so fucking sleepy. Our friend was going to drive us home, so I went to find my coat, which had my phone in the pocket, and my friend came downstairs and told me my boyfriend was refusing to leave? He wasn’t happy he had to leave, but the party was ending and it was almost 2am. Umm yeah, so after Mc. Crabby pants crabbed out and finally got downstairs, we headed home and I  fell asleep, only to wake up at 6:34am…..I was still drunk 4 hours later. Oh it was a blast.

Below is a couple pics from my run!

Trailphoto (2)

Sunday: Eek. I got about 4 hours of sleep, had to get up to get ready for Corey’s niece’s/goddaughter’s party. We had to set up and get the place decorated before everyone showed up. Thankfully, that little girl has a great family(ies) and lots of amazing people around her. She had a blast!! I got made fun of for going a little crazy the night before, but the guys found it pretty funny. We got home around 4pm, and  I gave Corey his Xmas present early. I tried to clean and get ready for the week but man I felt like time was in slow motion. My body ached from running, I hadn’t really eaten all day besides a little bit of lasagna, I ran around with the kids so I again, accidentally fell asleep for an hour and half, woke up at 8:10pm to Corey brushing my hair.  I drooled all over myself and fell asleep in my dress clothes. Oops, so classy.
The things I learned this weekend:
– Don’t do 90min of Bikram yoga, run 10 miles of trails, shop & drink on an empty stomach, get only 4 hours of sleep and expect to play with kids for 4 hours the next day.

– Rookie mistake, mixing my jack with beer. Oof.

– Don’t start a drunk food fight – I had potato in my hair the next morning

– Get more sleep/rest

– When playing Kings, I’m “The Viking” queen!!


This Week:

+ My HR watch broke. I have no fucking idea what’s going on with it. I changed the battery in it, which got rid of low- battery light, but it still doesn’t read my HR anymore. I think I have to replace the battery in the transmitter itself.

+ My company’s xmas party is Friday night

+ I have a lot of cleaning, laundry and food shopping to catch up on.

+ Next Friday I have off, and starts my vaca!!!



My Weekly Workout Schedule:

Monday – OFF/Foam/Stretch
Tuesday – Lifting + Step Climber
Wednesday – Sprints + WallBall
Thursday – Lifting + Cross Trainer, PM Cardio
Friday – Recovery + Step Climber Intervals
Saturday – AM Bikram class, PM Trail Run
Sunday – Agility Training + Obstacle Training


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