Warmup: Stairmaster 160bpm x 2 + stretching

Pushups x 60 ish (lost count)
Dips: 4 x 15, 17, 17, 16
Assisted Chinups:
100# x 1 x 5,
90# x 1 x 5,
80# x 1 x 5,
70# x 1 x 4 ***woohoo! This was at the end of my workout too!***

Upright Row: 50# x 4 x 10

Triset: [50# x 1 x 12 bent rows x 3 curls x 3 overhead presses] x 4

SS: WG PD + WG PDs Behind Neck:
70# x 1 x 6 + Behind Neck 70# x 1 x 6
60# x 3 x 6 + Behind Neck 60# x 3 x 6

SS: Tricep Cable Pushdowns + Cable Overhead Tri Extensions
70# x 4 x 10 + Overhead Extensions: 70# x 4 x 8

Cable Crunches: 100# x 1 x 20, 110# x 3 x 14-18

Post Cardio:
5 mins on step climber (legs were really stiff here, no beuno)
12 minutes on Cross Trainer

Time: 1:05:45
Cals: 603
Max HR: 163 / 83%
Avg HR: 133 / 68%

Thoughts: Got some decent sleep last night! We went to bed around 8:30 after goofing around. I was so comfortable this morning I did NOT want to leave our bed!

Got up, headed out the door, kissed my guy goodbye and headed to the gym. I felt REALLY good. And now, my whole upper body is sore and I’m sleepy as hell. The supersetting and tri-sets burn like a bitch, but man it feels good when I’m done. Gone are the heavy, heavy lifting days.

I’ve completely adjusted my diet for my goal and for my training. It’s going to suck to adjust to again, but I’ve been working up to totally diving into it and just kick some ass. I can feel the subtle changes happening and even more so, my attitude towards it all.

I’m still stubborn, but now I have a goal to work towards. I’m not going to post my macros/diet breakdown since it took a long time to put together. However, it’s broken down by day and its planned around my training. Obviously my Saturdays are the highest cal days due to the 1 hr + running now as well as my off day and the days in between.

It feels good, especially figuring it out by myself!


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