Pre Cardio: 160bpm x 2 on elliptical

Pushups: 2 sets x 60 = 120 total
Dips: 4 x 15, 15, 13, 14

SS – Deadlifts + SLDLs: 60# x 4 each exercise to failure (8 sets total)
SS – Bent Rows + Curls + Overhead Press: [ 50# x 10-12 rows x 3 curls x 3 overhead press] x 4
Standing Barbell Press: 60# x 4 x 12, 10, 8, 6

Cardio: 13 minutes on cross trainer.

Time: 1:00:41 hrs
Cals: 531
Max HR: 163 / 83%
Avg HR: 130 / 66%

Thoughts: Not the best start to my day. Last night I had dinner with my mom, watched the Walking Dead with my boyfriend who has major sniffles and went to bed around 8pm…sorta. I tossed and turned the whole night.  I’ve been thinking about my dad a lot, so it’s been kind of hard to focus…

Our town is doing construction, so the quick route to the highway was shut down this morning, and also my bank decided to not let me withdrawal money from my account for parking? Just made the 530 train in time to make it to the gym which threw me off my game. I usually have one day a week that I’m too discombobulated to function and today was the day!

Tonight’s plan is to organize for tomorrow, make lunches, and head to bed early. It’s already snowing here and I have a hunch that traffic tonight will be painful..

***Forgot to post yesterdays (Tuesday’s) workout!!***




Warmup: Stretching, dynamic stretching exercises: 10 mins.

Jog: 0.4 mile jog
0.20 mile @ 6.5
20#wallball squat + overhead throw
0.20 mile @ 7.0
Overhead Throws (higher & faster pace)
0.20 mile @ 7.5mph
Pushups x 40
0.3 mile jog @ 6.5mph
0.15 mile sprint @ 8.0mph
20 Lunges each leg, holding 20# wallball
0.15 mile sprint @ 8.5mph
WallBall Squats + Overhead Presses (Ball HAS to hit floor, lower with hams, push up with glutes!)
0.12 mile sprint @ 8.7mph
Pushups x 50

Time: 27:34 minutes

Cross Trainer: 16 minutes
Resistance kept at lvls 15-20

Total Time: 43:48 (not including warm up and cool down)
Cals: 541 (not including warm up or cool down)
Max HR: 191 bpm / 97%
Avg HR: 159 bpm / 81%

Thoughts:  Last night my guy and I headed to bed early after some relaxing. It was short lived since Cor was up half the night coughing, tossing and turning and just feel miserable. I felt so bad. He was coughing so hard, his headache came back. We didn’t get good sleep and I tried to rub his back to help him relax. (Yup, he’s my baby and slightly more adorable than normal when he wants his back rubbed because he doesn’t feel well.)  But, I trucked out the door this morning after trying to gather myself for interval training. The last thing you want to do when its 25 degrees out, 4:45am, and you had shit sleep, is fucking do intervals. I would have rather done an hour of lame ass cardio than sprinting and chucking a 20# wallball above my head.

But I did it. My legs were a little stiff from yesterday’s deadlift-fest. But whatever, I got shit done. I felt good afterwards despite the puking feeling sitting in my stomach until my shower was done, haha. I told myself, if I can run 8 miles, I can get through this.



A little side note: Yesterday’s post was a little off topic from my usual posts, but I had to get it out of my head. Sometimes people ask me why I train so hard or eat the way I do, or drink a gallon of water sitting at work…also, I’m fairly certain my co-workers think I’m a little odd, but my dad passing is part of the reason I started fighting harder for what I want to do. Life is too short not to pursue your dreams and to continue to make excuses. I don’t want to spend my life chasing a fantasy, I want to spend my life living it. So, I have a reason to fight and it’s to show my dad, when I see him again someday, that I didn’t waste the life he gave me. 


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