I’ve got a lot of updates as far as workouts. Last week was a great fucking week, and here’s why:

THURSDAY –  Lifting + Cardio
Yep, I was at the gym on Thanksgiving. My other gym was open till noon, so I got a nice hour workout in before it was off to celebrate with everyone.

Warm Up Cardio: 15 minutes [HR 165 bpm x 2]

SS: Plate Lunges + Presses 35# x 2 x 15, 45# x 2 x 12 [3-4 presses per leg set]
Pushups x 65
Overhead Barbell Press: 45# x 4 x 12

SS – Bent Rows: 50# x 4 x 14, 14, 13, 13 + 25# curls x 3 each arm, each set
SS – WG PDs + Behind Shoulder PDs: 70# x 3 x 5, 6, 5, 90# x 1 x 6, 5
SS – Overhead Cable Tricep Pulls + Pushdowns: 70# x 1 x 15, 80# x 3 x 10-13 [PDs x 4 x 7-10]

Calf Raises: 115# x 1 x 17, 95# x 1 x 20, 75# x 2 x 15

Post Cardio: 10 minutes cross trainer intervals

Time: 55:03
Cals: 530
Max HR: 169 bpm
Avg HR: 136 bpm

FRIDAY  – AM Running, PM Stretching, Recovery Cardio + Abs

4 miles total trail run
3 miles of hill sprints

Thoughts: My legs felt like shit. I still go out on the trails, but focuses on hills, rocks, and sand routes. It was miserable but I needed to get my heart pumping and my legs back out there. Thanksgiving carbies were like glue in my blood/muscles. Shit was tired, tight and just not working for me. After the run, my shins felt pretty abused. I needed to  def. do some recovery. But I was glad to have some “me” time and let my mind just stop thinking.

Time: 1:06:40 hrs
Distance: 3 mile sprints, 1 mile warmup + cooldown
Cals: 665
Max HR: 178
Avg HR: 141


15 minutes stretching
10 minutes recovery cardio on cross trainer
Captains Chair: 2 x 20
Hill Climbers + Side Hill Climber: 4 total x 15-18
Cable Crunches + Side Crunches: 110-120# x 4 x 14-20
Planks: 40s, 2 x 30s, 1 x 20s

Time: 37:52 mins
Cals: 204
Max HR: 134
Avg HR: 106


It was all about footwork, sprints, coordination and keeping fucking warm! My guy showed me cone drills, balance orientated foot work, sprints, etc. It was also fucking cold with the wind on the field.

Time: 30-35 minutes
Cals: 160-200 (watch was acting funky)
Max HR: 165
Avg HR: 110


Time: 1:48:00 hours
Cals: 1348
Max HR: 176
Avg HR: 159

Thoughts: My plan was to do a tempo run on Friday. But the day after thanksgiving, my legs/muscles felt like lead. My guy and I got up and out early so he could get me back into footwork/agility training. My legs hurt but felt much better afterwards. Afterwards, he played some football and I decided to go for a run. Why? Not sure. I just felt good. I got to the trails and it was COLD. I should have brought my bib/hood because the wind was brutal. I ran. And then I ran some more. I ran until I realized it was getting darker out and I had been running for almost 2 hours. It felt FUCKING AMAZING. But my legs were stiffening with the cold temperatures, so I had to head back to my car.

I ended up doing 8.36 miles total! With the past pain/swelling in my shins, I smiled like an idiot all the way home.  I couldn’t believe how happy I felt on the trails, just running. I even saw a couple on their horses. They didn’t mind me saying hi and then I was off on a different route.


Time: 1:18:08
Cals: 654
Max HR: 177
Avg HR:  127 (can you tell I was cold?)

Thoughts: Sunday was another cold day. It was in the 30s and it was just going to my guy and I doing it…of course. We were the only crazies to get our asses up and out. (Turns out, our friend Rich showed up just after our first mile run!!) We cut the workout down a bit since we couldn’t carry all the equipment. But we did add another lap in, making it a solid 3 miles just in running between sets. We got three done before we were seriously fucking cold. Next time, all cold gear + hood.

Total Weekly Numbers:
8:25:46 hours
Exercise Count:
9 (includes cooldowns)


Thoughts Overall: It was a perfect week, a perfect balance of recovery, stretching, foam rolling, abs, running, sprints, lifting, etc. I wish every week could be like this. I had four days off to get shit done, focus on me, see my family, relax, run like an idiot and just enjoy life. My guy is sick now though. He started to feel like shit last night and this morning he was couching his brains out. I got some medicine for him, so I hope he gets better. I hate seeing him sick. I’ve also started to plan my nutrition a lot better. I’m going to use the winter to kick ass and start working on my over all leanness.  ; -)


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