Hi, I don’t care that I’m loud or that you have to keep looking over your shoulder at what I’m doing. I love the gym I go to before work, however the lack of testosterone sometimes makes it hard to do MY workouts. Okay, so I have a little tomboyishness in me, but my workouts are better because of it.

Today was intervals. I knew I had to start working in more body exercises with my running…since that’s what OCR all about. Today I did treadmill sprints will wall ball exercises + pushups. I call them wall balls, but they look like this if it helps:



Pre-Intervals: Foam rolling + stretching / 15 minutes
Interval Sequence:
-Treadmill warm up: 0.5 mile / 6.0-6.5 mph
-Squat + Overhead press with 20lb wallball x 20
-0.25 mile sprint @ 6.7 mph
-Overhead Throws with 20lb wallball x 25 (2 slams every 5 throws)
-0.25 mile sprint @ 7.0 mph
-Pushups x 32
-0.5 mile jog @ 6.0mph
-Squat + Overhead Press with 20lb wallball x 25
-0.20 mile sprint @ 7.5 mph
-Overhead Throws with 20lb wallball x 30 (2 slams every 5 throws)
-0.20 mile sprint @ 8.0 mph
-15 lunges each leg while holding 20lbs wallball, no rest for my arms!
-0.20 mile sprint @ 8.5-8.8 mph
– 35 pushups

Time: 30:05 minutes
Cals: 394
Max HR: 192
Avg HR: 163 **woohoo!!!**

Cooldown: 9 minutes
Cals: 109
Max HR: 170bpm
Avg HR: 160bpm!

Thoughts: Holy poop I’m tired after this workout. It was brand new and I thought about it yesterday after seeing the wallball hanging around. I know the trainers use it but I decided to steal it for the morning and make it my bitch. However, the nearby treadmillers stared at me every time I slammed the ball – teehee. I can really start to feel my shoulders and arms getting stiff now after working them. But damn, did it feel good sprinting like that. i have to come up with other wallball exercises. I wish I could do the real overhead throws, but the space I use isn’t high enough and there is wires near the wall. Overall, it was an amazing workout and I can’t wait to do it again next week.

Tomorrow is up in the air. It all depends on a few things. I may or may not be bringing my brother’s new puppy to work with me! If I do, no morning workout. But luckily I get out at 2pm tomorrow 🙂 Depending on how I feel too, I may stick with just recovery work like stretching, abs and cardio/taking the dogs for a walk. I know Thursday is an early morning lifting + cardio session since it is Thanksgiving. But my other gym is open from 7 to noon. Woohoo!! And friday is MY TRAIL RUN!!!! I’m feeling good this week, I’m doing everything I can to make sure I can break past my 6.5 mile runs. 😉

ALSO, my main image is a tribute to Amelia Boone. Who once again kicked fucking major ass in the World’s Toughest Mudder by coming in SECOND PLACE OVER ALL! She was only 5-10 minutes (depending on who reports) behind the first place champion, Pak (who is a freak of nature, but happens to be from Beverly, MA.).  If you still don’t know who Amelia is, you better fucking read up! The thing I love most is she has stated that she can’t break her “2nd place” streak. Even though she came in first overall for womens, she did come in 2nd OUT OF 1300 competitors!! I love it! Set your sights high! Also, out of 1300 competitors, only 100 were female. The second place and third place OVERALL were held by women…so just in case you ever start doubting yourself, think of these two women doing 8-9 laps of a Tough Mudder non-stop, and reevaluate your limits. 


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